This October is a road trip month… with a motorbike! My travel mate and me travelled for more or less a month from Yogyakarta, Central Java to Labuhan Bajo, Flores. We are using scooter 🙂 I tell you what, yes it is indeed a LONG journey, but the road from Yogyakarta until Labuhan Bajo is amazingly nice! We only drove around 6-7 hours per day and avoided driving during the night. Don’t battle with an enemy that you can’t even see, right?

I will share random road (and a little bit of scenery around it) pictures of my road trip. Most of the pictures I shot where as a passenger or we made a stop if it was a really nice spot not to be missed.

It is around 1,300 km between Yogyakarta and Labuhan Bajo. It also involved 1 hour on a ferry from Java to Bali, 4-5 hour ferry from Bali to Lombok, a 2 hour ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa Barat and finally a 6-7 hours from Sape (Sumbawa) to Labuhan Bajo (Flores).

Some people that we met on the street basically gave us two different responses when we told them about our travels; either “that is so cool!” or “why are you guys torturing yourself by travelling with a motorbike?”. As for me, this is not a way of trying to be ‘cool’ and we did not consider it as ‘torture.’ We did it simply because we wanted to experience it. We wanted to know how it feels! You know what, it feels so good and exciting!

travel indonesia road trip monkeys

Hey monkey! Fancy for a road trip?

travel indonesia road trip sumbawa besar

School zone in Sumbawa Besar

travel indonesia road trip sumbawa

Some part of  Sumbawa island is very dry! 

travel indonesia road trip wawo to sape

The view of our journey from Wawo to Sape

travel indonesia road trip labuhan bajo

Labuhan Bajo during the day

travel indonesia road trip poto tano port in sumbawa barat

Poto Tano port in Sumbawa Barat

travel indonesia road trip to ferry

Enter Ferry to Lombok from Bali

travel indonesia road trip bali at night

Galungan night in Seminyak, Bali

travel indonesia road trip

My scooter made it to Flores!