The day was slowly getting dark when I passed the Senggigi area and headed to Tugu Hotel Lombok. The taxi ride took us down a winding street with coconut trees and the ocean on my left hand side. Once in a while had a light chit chat with the taxi driver who was a local from Lombok.

The taxi driver said he never been to any Gilis in Lombok and asked me whether Gili Trawangan is a nice place or not. He had heard quite a lot about Gili Trawangan. He’s a man who likes to talk and seemed very friendly.

After around an hour, not so far after passing Bangsal (the harbour to cross to Gilis), we finally took a left turn. I saw a sign saying Tugu hotel on the right hand side of the road before we took the turn. We kept going. Night had already set it. The streets we passed became smaller. Not long after that, the pavement vanished and we were on a dirt road with rocks.

“Are you sure that we are going to the right way? Tugu hotel, Sire beach?”
I asked in a voice as calm as possible.
“Yes.” the taxi driver replied me quickly.

Uh. Why he isn’t friendly anymore.

I thought for a brief second that there is a possibility of me being kidnapped by the taxi driver and I cursed myself for having no battery on my phone. 

We arrived at a small gate guarded by one security guard. He opened the gate and smiled at me.

We had finally arrived at the hotel lobby.

“Good evening Ms. Firsta!” a very friendly guy welcomed me. Later I learned that his name was Hendri, the guest relation of Tugu Hotel Lombok. He invited me to sit and asked how my journey to the hotel had been.

In between I took a moment to look around, glance at the lobby area. It wasn’t like a casual hotel lobby. It feels like you are being welcomed at a persons home. It instantly made me forget about my worries.

The path to find the hotel, the small gate, the welcome statue after a small gate, the lobby, the room, and also the surrounding tell you that Tugu Hotel is definitely one of a kind. A place that is built with heart and thoughts for the small details.

Allow me to share some pictures of Tugu Hotel Lombok so I can show you how special the hotel is. I’ll share more stories about my stay in Tugu Hotel Lombok in upcoming posts. Please enjoy the pictures as I really enjoyed taking them during my stay at Tugu Hotel Lombok.

Welcome to Tugu Hotel - Reception area

Behind me is the reception area of Tugu Hotel reception area. Couldn’t help myself I had to wander around. Photo by @gilangtamma

Tugu Lombok Aloon-Aloon room

The bed is just so comfy. I love the Batik decoration.

TV cover in Tugu Lombok

Wood painting. You’ll be surprised what’s behind it. Yes, it is covering a TV.


The deep copper tubs was one of the highlights of the room.

Gedong Gandrung Tugu Wedding venue

Gedong Gandrung is one of the newest buildings at Tugu Hotel Lombok. Great venue for a wedding.

interior of Gedong Gandrung

Interior of Gedong Gandrung. Intense and yet so beautiful. Photo by @gilangtamma

Sire Beach from Tugu Hotel

Sire beach. I really loved it here.

Sire beach Tugu Hotel lombok

Other side of Sire beach. Peaceful surroundings.

Bale Kokok Pletok Tugu Hotel

Bale Kokok Pletok – open air dining room of Tugu Hotel.

chill out at Bale Kokok Pletok

Hello there! Just chilling at Bale Kokok Pletok. Photo by @gilangtamma

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