Hi, hello you! I’m Firsta. Nice to meet you πŸ™‚

First of, thank you for visiting my blog.

Discover Your IndonesiaΒ is a project I started to share my experiences travelling aroundΒ Indonesia. As the site became popular I received lots of emails asking forΒ travel plans and personal tips. That’s when I started the travel consultancy business, first in Yogya, then in East Java. And we’re slowly expanding…

There’s a team of us now behind the site working away and answering emails. We work from our computer in different cities and different continents. There’s no office. We work from where we feel comfortable and have the freedom to choose our own hours (within reason).Β I think that’s important.Β It’s about getting our work life balance right so that we can help to serve you better.

WhileΒ we want the company to grow, we’re doing it slowly. We pick our partners carefullyΒ and put our customers first. It seems to be working.Β If you’re interested in booking through us you can find reviews of our service here.

Why is it Discover Your Indonesia and not Discover my Indonesia?

Because it is not mine only, it is also yours πŸ™‚ it is ours. I am saying this not only for all Indonesians’, but also for the lovely foreigners out there that might have a plan to travel to Indonesia or have already travelled to Indonesia (hopefully not only Bali);

Thank you for putting Indonesia on your travel list. This is your Indonesia too, so enjoy this blog as your travel reference from a local perspective. Let’s explore and discover Indonesia.

Contact me: info[at]discoveryourindonesia[dot]com

If you’re interested in advertising or working together and you want to learn more about the siteΒ then please visit this page, which contains useful information and facts about Discover Your Indonesia.

Have you got any tips on blogging.Β Sure. If you’re interested in starting a blog, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Literally changed my life. If you’re not already online, but you have big ambitions, I recommend starting one. Like today – here’s how to start a blog.