When I went on a road trip in October 2013, the main goal was to find out if this motorbike can go all the way to Flores and how it feels to drive from Yogyakarta to Flores. Without much preparation, I already had several things in mind about what I was going to do around East Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores. I did ignore the fact that I would also drive cross Sumbawa, a wide stretch of the island between Lombok and Flores.

poto tano port

Welcome to Sumbawa. This is Poto Tano port.


Poto Tano port is one of my favourite port that I ever visited

Moyo island was one thing that first popped up when I thought more about Sumbawa. Yes, it’s true! I wanted to visit this island that is so famous because it was visited by Lady Diana back in the day and some other well known people as well. Moyo island is so famous (and mysterious at the same time). Did I finally manage to visit the island? No! Long short story, during my roadtrip, I tried three times to visit Moyo, but every time was a failure. It is not impossible to visit the island, but I think that the cost was ridicilous. I was frustated browsing the Internet and asking anyone I met about how to go there cheaply. It would be cheap if I travelled in a group, because then we could share the boat expense. I was also not lucky enough with the public boat schedule / availability. So, until today, I haven’t stepped foot on Moyo Island, but someday I know I will. Guess what?? Sumbawa is more than just Moyo island!

pantai maluk

Maluk beach

Healing my broken heart because of my non-ability to visit Moyo island, I found a few amazing beaches around Sumbawa Barat, visited the beautiful Kenawa island, was amazed by the scenery on Sumbawa island, a lot of green vegetation from Dompu until Sape (Who said that Sumbawa is so dry anyway?). Looking for proper accomodation (hostel/hotel) in Sumbawa Besar, Dompu and Bima is not a problem at all. It was slightly difficult in Sumbawa Barat (especially Poto Tano area) and Sape, but not impossible. Other highlight that I didn’t get the chance to visit included Lakey beach and the mighty Mount Tambora.

pulau kenawa

Kenawa island, just 15 mins from Poto Tano port

pantai lawar pantai peserr

Right or left?

sumbawa lawar beach

Lawar beach, Sumbawa Barat.

sumbawa peserr

Peserr beach, Sumbawa Barat

sumbawa sunset at maluk beach

Sunset at Maluk beach

dompu sumbawa

The view around Dompu

sape indonesia

I love this field in Sape

I also found out that the road quality in Sumbawa is probably better than the roads on Java. The road was so wide and just smooth. It was always good to see something better than what you were expecting. Driving the motorbike has never been so much fun. Wide smooth roads, with fantastic views and mostly just a maximum of three vehicles on the road. Isn’t that paradise for any traveller on a road trip?

sumbawa road (2)

Sumbawa road

sumbawa road

Empty road. Wohooooo! πŸ™‚

road in sumbawa

The view is amazing!

sumbawa barat

Have you ever been travelling and failed to do things that you really wanted to do? Share your stories with me. Or, have you ever been to Sumbawa? Where did you go?