Oh great! I’ve successfully missed two months of pics of the month series.. 🙁
Allow me make it up by sharing pictures of the month for March now (previously I always shared my pictures of the month at the end of the month). Sooner is better, right?

Here I would like to share some pictures that I took (unless stated otherwise) at Bogor Botanical Garden. If you happen to come to Jakarta and stay for several days, go to Bogor and check out this garden.

Bogor Botanical Garden is located in Bogor, approximately 50 km from Jakarta. You can easily do a day trip to Bogor from Jakarta. I would like to suggest taking a train from Jakarta. The train ride from Jakarta to Bogor takes around 1 hour and costs around Rp5,000 equal with 0.4 usd (one way). I have some shots of the train station and the train to let you know that the train Jakarta-Bogor isn’t scary at all.
how to get from Jakarta to Bogor by Train
bogor jakarta train

The entrance fee for Bogor Botanical Garden is Rp14,000 for domestic and Rp25,000 for foreigners. The entrance fee that you pay includes the entrance fee to the Zoological museum, which is located close to the entrance of the Bogor Botanical Garden – Surya Kencana street. Btw, you’ll be able to rent a bike to use inside the garden, which costs you Rp5,000 per bike.

Though it is ‘only’ a garden, it is huge! It is 87 hectares of green happiness! Last time I visited I spent 1,5 hours walking around and only managed to explore perhaps a quarter of the area.

Orchid house is one of the highlights and my favourite. You’ll be just happy and happy to be able to see so many beautiful orchids! I couldn’t stop smiling that day, to be surrounded by beautiful things. You know, it feels like you get energy from it.

Beside the enormous size, the plants collection that Bogor Botanical Garden has is amazing. They have medical plants, rattan, palm, water plant, fern, cinnamon, wood plant, bamboo and many more.

I hope you enjoy these greeny pictures from Bogor Botanical Garden and it can inspire you to take a day trip to Bogor and check the garden out!

entrance of Bogor Botanical Garden

Welcome to Bogor Botanical Garden

garden in Bogor

Space near a cafe in Bogor Botanical Garden

orchid house in Bogor Botanical garden

Orchid house

hybrid orchid at Kebun Raya Bogor

Orchid Hybrid at Orchid house in Bogor Botanical Garden

signage at Kebun Raya Bogor

Where do you want to go to?

day trip to bogor kebun raya

Everywhere I look I see green… Well.. A tiny bit of red too :p

garuda in kebun raya bogor

Plants arranged to shape the Garuda – Indonesia’s national symbol

Kebun Raya Bogor river area

Walking down the river in Bogor Botanical Garden

jembatan merah kebun raya bogor

Red hanging bridge

walking around kebun raya bogor

Happiness is simple – Picture by Badai of www.disgiovery.com

Have you ever been to the Bogor Botanical Garden? Do you have any favourite botanical gardens in your country? Share with me.

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