Kelud is a volcano located in border of Kediri, Blitar and Malang, East Java. I have never been there, I just passed through the area when I went for a road trip on October last year. The volcano just erupted last night, 13 February 2014. Though I hang out last night and arrived at home around 1 am, I didn’t hear anything about it.

This morning when I was doing my early morning routines, I saw several pictures that my friends posted about their houses being covered by volcanic ash. I was quite surprised when I saw a post by one of my friends who live in Yogyakarta, the same city where I am living at the moment. Her house was covered with volcanic ash. I got up from my bed and peeked outside to see the state of my house. I was really surprised!

Yogyakarta which lies approximately 300 kilometers from Mount Kelud looks like a black and white film. Well.. not really black and white, but grey and.. sad. I went out to supermarket to get some food supplies and captured some pictures to let you know how bad the volcanic ashes in Yogyakarta. It was quite difficult to drive a scooter in the volcanic ashes and all the streets were already coated in dust with a thickness of approximately 3 cm. I hope the people who live near the mountain Kelud stay safe and have resilience in the face of this natural disaster. Take care everyone!

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