So are you coming to Yogyakarta soon? Are you wondering what Yogyakarta airport looks like? Do you want to know how to get to Jogjakarta city center (from Yogyakarta international airport) without having to worry about scams? Some of these things and more might crossed your mind. Worry not my friend.

The old airport: Adisucipto International Airport (JOG)β€”no longer accepting commercial flights (except Wings Air to several cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, and Lombok) and the new airport: Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) is one of the friendliest airports I have visited in Indonesia.

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I’ll share with you 10 facts, slash tips regarding Jogja airport that you should know. I hope it gives you more confidence to travel to Yogyakarta. If you need any help getting into the city or arranging a car for your trip I can also help you arrange that πŸ™‚

More on that later, let’s start!

Yogyakarta International Airport / Yogya Airport in Kulon Progo (YIA)

1. The AITA code for Yogyakarta International Airport is YIA (the old airport Adisucipto International Airport AITA code is JOG). The old Jogja airport/JOG is located conveniently close to the city center, in the eastern part of the town and approximately 6 km away from the city center, but the Yogyakarta International Airport/YIA is located far away from the city center, around 45 km southwest in Kulon Progo. It takes 1,5-2 hours drive from the Yogya’s new airport in Kulon Progo to the city center.

I think this is the official site of the airport. It is quite ok to check departure and arrival information. There are two terminals at YIA airport, domestic terminal and international terminal (at the moment the international terminal is not active). It is relatively easy to walk from one terminal to the other terminal.

2. Yogyakarta airport is one of the best airports for transfer that I’ve experienced in Indonesia. Yes! No hassle at all. You’ll get a bunch of middle aged guys that try to offer you airport transfer services, but they are (mostly) just so polite. No pushing, no nagging, no hassle. If you say “no”, they’ll understand.

3. Yes, there are ATM machines at the airport. There are at least 3 or 4 ATM machines. The ATM machines are located close to the conveyor belts. There are also money changers, but I wouldn’t recommend using them as the exchange rate is never that good.

4.Β For Yogyakarta International Airport YIA, there are several ways to get in to the city center. Here are the options: arrange a private car rental to pick you up at Jogja airport, get the train to the city center from Yogya airport, get the Damri bus (there are several routes available), use SatelQu (they have a counter at the airport) or get a taxi from the taxi counter. You can probably order Go-Car (Gojek) or Grab Car (Grab), but I’m not sure since I haven’t tried this option.

The worst thing that you can do is 😁 get the transport service from a random guy outside the terminal. There is a big chance you’ll get rip off. Btw, just to let you know the average cost from the city center to the airport by car is around Rp250,000 one way.

5.Β You can go to Borobudur directly from YIA (Yogyakarta International Airport). The cost is Rp20,000 one way. You can check the schedule below. Check the section: Bandara YIA via Borobudur – Salaman – Purworejo (dari YIA/from YIA) to know the schedule. This is their official site, but unfortunately it is not so easy to navigate especially for foreigners – Start from 5am and the last one is at 3 pm. You can also contact them through Instagram, here is their account: @damriindonesia.

Below is the schedule for Damri bus from Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) to the city – or vice versa. It is a bit hard to understand the routes, even for me. The easiest way to do is to go to the Damri counter and tell them your hotel address then they will suggest you the route to take that will bring you to the closest drop off point. The cost is Rp70,000 per person one way. The minus points of taking the Damri bus is you have to wait until a certain point (wait until the bus is full, or until the departure time), and it might not bring you directly close to your desirable location.

Other option for shuttle is SatelQu (it is like a mini bus), the cost is Rp5,000 cheaper than Damri. It is Rp65,000 per person one way. This is their whatsapp contact: +62 878-7755-5545 – please double-check on their website just in case it changes.

train station Yogya airport kulon progo

6.Β If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest way to go to the city center from Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) is by using the train! The cost is only Rp20,000 per person one way and the journey is only 40 minutes! This is their official site: – you have the option in ENG/English and the site is easy to use. You can also buy the ticket on the spot, but there is a chance of the time that you want is fully booked. The Yogyakarta point is the Tugu Train Station in Malioboro. If you book a hotel in Malioboro area, you can walk from the train station to your hotel.

cheapest way from Yogya airport to city center

7. You can take a Damri bus to Solo on the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for Rp125,000 one way per person. Please refer to the above screen capture of the Damri schedule.

8. Yogyakarta Airport is the third busiest airport in Java (after Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) in Jakarta and Juanda International Airport (SUB) in Surabaya). The airport is relatively busy due to Yogyakarta is one of the most visited cities in Indonesia.

9. Though it is the third busiest airport in Java, but the airport is not that big and sometimes can be really hectic at departure. Do come a bit early for departure because sometimes the queuing for baggage drop is a bit silly.

10.Β If you take taxi, or bus, the journey can easily be 1,5 to 2 hours depends on the traffic. The quickest way is by train, but the train has schedule πŸ™‚ I personally don’t feel confident to take the train from Yogyakarta to the airport / YIA, but I always take the train from the airport / YIA to the city center. Very convenient!

I hope that these 10 facts will help you prepare for your flight into Yogyakarta International Airport. For more information about Yogyakarta and things to do around the city visit this page.

To help you arrange your trip to Yogyakarta I’ve created a helpful shortlist of the best hotels. You can find them below. Just pick the article that suits your travel needs.

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Are there any important facts that I missed? Do you have some interesting Yogyakarta airport tips that you want to share to other people? Share them with me in the comment box bellow!

This information is for the old Yogyakarta airport/Adisucipto International Airport (JOG).

The taxi counter rate is ok. They are usually 30% more expensive than a regular taxi with a meter. For example: If you are going to Prawirotaman area, a normal taxi with a meter will cost you around Rp 60,000. A taxi from the taxi counter will charge you around Rp 85,000. So it is only more expensive for Rp 25,000, which is 2 USD. I always pick up a taxi from the right of the exit from the national departures. If you are thinking to get a taxi from one of the counters, then I would recommend Rajawali Taxi (based on my experiences, they have the best rate).

If you are looking for a taxi with meter then you can walk a tiny bit to the departure area and get a taxi from there. Or you can walk outside the airport (either pass through the tunnel or cross the railway) and get a taxi with a meter on the main road.

Departure terminal Yogya Airport

You can get a Damri bus to Borobudur easily! Yes, straight from Yogyakarta airport to Borobudur! The Damri bus can also take you to other several places like: Magelang (Wisata Hotel, Tidar), Wonosari (Gunung Kidul area), Kebumen, Temanggung and Wonosobo (if you are heading to Dieng). Their departure schedule is every hour!

The schedule starts at 7 am from Yogya airport. As I know, from the Airport to Bodobudur costs Rp 75,000 per person. It needs a minimum of two passengers to depart. So if, unfortunately, you are by yourself, either wait another hour or just pay for two people and they’ll depart! Check out the image below for prices and departure details. Picture below is the schedule from the old airport.

Damri bus schedule from Yogya airport to Borobudur

On a very tight budget? Use Trans Jogja. You can get almost everywhere in Jogja with only Rp 3,600. If your hotel is in Malioboro area, get the 1A bus route and stop at “Garuda” shelter. Alternatively notify the bus assistant that you want to go to Malioboro. What if your hotel is in Prawirotaman area? Easy! Get the 3B bus route.

You can go straight from the airport to Prambanan temple, from the airport, with Trans Jogja. The journey is less than 30 mins away from the airport! In fact, this is the cheapest way to get there. You can find the Trans Jogja shelter near the car parking lot. You can easily reach this by going through the tunnel. To get to the tunnel, leave the arrival gate, then after the Information center, and before Dunkin Donuts (on your right side), turn left. That bit going down, that’s the tunnel.

Tunnel of Yogyakarta airport

Traffic in Yogyakarta can sometimes be pretty bad! Get a train from the airport (Maguwo train station) to Tugu/Yogyakarta station (Malioboro area), take the Prameks train and it costs you Rp 8,000. You can even go to several places as well (Solo, Klaten, even Madiun). The best way to find out about the schedule is to check it on the spot (sorry at the moment I can’t find a reliable online source for this).

Maguwo train station at Yogyakarta Airport