If you are visiting Yogyakarta for the first time, there’s a good chance you’ll want to find a hotel near Malioboro. It’s an interesting area with bars, restaurants and opportunities for shopping. There are also some tourist attractions close by, like the street itself, Beringharjo Market, and Mirota Batik (the best place to go for your batik shopping). There’s also the Monument at Yogyakarta Kilometer Zero, Fort Vredeburg Museum and the main train station.

All of these things make Malioboro a pretty convenient area to stay. Of course, you’ll need to find some accommodation. Thanks to the fact that I run a tour and travel service in Yogyakarta, I can offer you a few tips to find the perfect place. Here is a list of the best hotels around Malioboro for any budget: budget hotel, mid-range hotel and luxury hotel.

Budget Hotels

Wakeup Homestay

I know there are a lot of backpacker hotels/hostels/guesthouses/homestays around Malioboro, especially in Sosrowijayan Street and the alleys around it. My personal recommendation is Wakeup Homestay. The rooms are clean, the place is nice and it is very affordable.


Mid Range Hotels

guesthouse near malioboro

Pawon Cokelat

Pawon Cokelat is located in one of the small alleys around Sosrowijayan. The hotel is really one of a kind. The interior looks great and the décor is really nice. This hotel is, in my opinion, the best choice for people who are seeking comfort, but want to stay in a hotel with a personal local touch (kind of like a boutique hotel).


hotel nearby malioboro

Neo Malioboro

Neo Malioboro is a relatively new hotel, and is quickly becoming one of the stars of the Malioboro area. Besides the friendly staff and the nice location, the swimming pool is one of the reasons this hotel has become so popular. Almost everyone loves the sky lounge of this hotel. It is a nice place to spend the evening.


Malioboro hotel yogya

Harper Mangkubumi

I love the design of Harper Mangkubumi Hotel, and their lobby and cafe. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and they have a pool too. The hotel is not really on Malioboro (it is around 800-900 meters, probably a 10-15 minutes walk away). You’ll find a lot of interesting street food sellers during your walk from this hotel to Malioboro.


Luxury Hotel

Jambuluwuk Hotel

Jambuluwuk Hotel is well known for its friendly staff. The rooms are spacious and dominated by earth colours like brown, pale green, white and a bit of light grey. Like Harper Mangkubumi, Jambu Luwuk Malioboro Boutique hotel is around 1 km from Malioboro.


Melia Purosani

The Melia Purosani is a 5 star hotel located between Malioboro and the Royal Palace. The hotel has five room types and all of the facilities that you’d expect from a 5 star hotel, including a swimming pool, fitness center and five restaurants. The best way to get to Malioboro is to walk or take a rickshaw ride.