If you have a lot of time to explore Yogyakarta you’ll enjoy our 4 day 3 night Yogyakarta Tour. During the tour you’ll see two sunrises; one time from the top of hike Mount Merapi and the second from between the stupas of Borobudur temple. Other highlights include caving at Goa Jomblang and watching the performance of Ramayana Ballet against the backdrop of Prambanan Temple.

The 4 Day 3 Night Yogyakarta Pioneer Package starts at Rp 5,700,000 for two people. We can easily arrange the trip for larger groups and we’re happy to create a customised itinerary. The package includes a three day car rental with an English speaking driver. The cost of Borobudur, tickets to Ramayana Ballet, Goa Jomblang caving and Merapi trekking are covered. You can find the itinerary and more information about the package in the table below. When you’re ready to book just click on the button to make your booking.

Itinerary Day 1
– Pick up by your driver from Airport or hotel. Arrival in the morning is better.
– Visit Sambisari Temple.
– Go to Prambanan Temple. We would suggest to go back to your hotel at 3 pm so you can get some rest before the hike.
– Pick up for Merapi trekking at 10 pm.
Itinerary Day 2
– Return to Yogyakarta 1 pm.
– Pick up at around 6 pm. Watch Ramayana Ballet (shared transport). This needs to see your hotel location since the shared transport has a pick up area.
Itinerary Day 3
– Caving a Goa Jomblang.

Choose One Afternoon Activity:
– Cave tubing at Gua Pindul
– Light trekking at Nglanggeran Volcano.
– Visit Sri Gethuk Waterfall
– See Gondola at Timang Beach

Itinerary Day 4
– Watch sunrise from top of Borobudur Temple.
– Visit Water Palace and Kraton Museum.
– Shopping at Jalan Malioboro.
– Drop off at Yogyakarta Airport or hotel max at 3:30 pm.
Package Price
– Rp 5,700,000 for two guests.
– Cost for additional guests starts at Rp 1,800,000 per person.
Tour Includes
– 3 day private car rental with English speaking driver. Rental car can fit up to 5 people (larger vehicle can be arranged upon request).
– Merapi trekking.
Special tickets for Ramayana Ballet (tickets can be changed).
– Guide and entrance ticket for Goa Jomblang.
– Entrance ticket to Borobudur Manohara (Official Price).
Tour Excludes
Additional Cost: Rp 350,000 for an adult and Rp 200,000 for student/ child
– Tickets to Prambanan (USD 25 for an adult and USD 15 for a child and student with valid student ID).
– Entrance ticket to Water Palace, Kraton Museum and Sambisari Temple (cost per person Rp 40,000).

One Additional Activity Day 3
– Ticket price for Gua Pindul cave tubing (Rp 110,000 per person for tubing activity and retribution).
– Entrance ticket for Trekking at Nglanggeran Volcano (around Rp 30,000 per person).
– Visiting Sri Gethuk Waterfall (Rp 45,000 per person).

You’ll Always Remember

  • Watching sunrise from the top of Mt. Merapi Volcano.
  • 200 dancers perform the Ramayana Ballet under an open sky.
  • The adrenaline rush as you are lowered 60 meters into Gua Jomblang.
  • Watching sunrise from the top of Borobudur Temple.

The Hindu Temple of Prambanan.
View from the top of Mt Merapi Volcano.
One of the performers of the Ramayana Ballet.
Gua Jomblang is one of the natural wonders of Yogya.
The Buddhist Temple of Borobudur

What to Expect

Our 4 Day 3 Night Yogyakarta tour is a relaxed itinerary that covers the highlights of Yogya. On the first day of the tour you’ll visit Sambisari Temple and then go to Prambanan Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later in the evening you will join a night climb of Mt. Merapi. It’s an all night hike so you can watch sunrise from the summit. On the following day you’ll return to Yogyakarta.

In the evening of the second day you’ll watch the Ramayana Ballet. The ballet is based on an ancient Hindu love story and the performance is staged against the silhouette of Prambanan Temple. The next day will be one of the highlights of the trip. This is when you get to visit Goa Jomblang caves. To enter Gua Jomblang you are lowered 60 meters over the edge of a cliff into a deep sinkhole and then trek more than 50 meters underground to Grubug Cave.

On the last day of the 4 Day 3 Night Yogyakarta Tour you will be one of the privileged few to watch sunrise from the top of Borobudur Temple. Following Borobudur you’ll visit the Water Palace of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and the Kraton Museum. In the afternoon you’ll have time to do some souvenir shopping on the Jalan Malioboro. Your driver will drop you off at your hotel or the airport at the end of the day.

If you have the time to explore Yogyakarta and want a relaxed itinerary you’ll enjoy our 4 Day 3 Night Pioneer Tour. The tour is a balance of culture and adventure, adrenalin and history. We can easily adapt the itinerary if you’d like. Fill in the form below and we will let you know if we have a driver on your travel date.

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