Slowly walking along the beach in Nusa Lembongan after finishing an exciting yet tiring water sports activities at Equator pontoon, I was enjoying wandering this exotic island. Probably because I was a bit tired, I was looking forward to laying down and relaxing on a comfortable bed. In fact relaxing in a nice bed had suddenly become one of my ultimate goals for that evening.

Escorted by the people from Tjendana corporation, I finally arrived at one of the best resorts on Lembongan island. “This is Lembongan Beach Club and Resort“. I was told as they served a cold welcoming drink. I was instantly smitten and almost forgot my tiredness! Yes. Maybe fell too quickly in love with this resort. But trust me, you would understand, and probably fall in love at first sight too, if you visit this place.

beachfront area of lembongan beach club
restaurant at lembongan beach club
At the beach front, Lembongan Beach Club and Resort has a very wide view to the ocean compared to several of the places nearby. The common area is dominated by the blue waters of the infinity pool and the dark brown wood of the restaurant won my heart.

The villas
I was staying at one of their 1-bedroom villas with a private pool for two nights and it was perfect. Though I loved almost everything about the villa, one memorable thing for me was the small gift from the management left on the bed.

As I entered the villa, passed the decent sized private swimming pool and the sliding door to the room, I spotted a woven hat and bag with a note from the villa manager, Maria, nestled nicely on the bed. Such a thoughtful gift. The hat is for the male guest and the bag for the female guest. And in my case, I happily accepted both the hat and the bag.

villa at lembongan beach club and resort
cozy stay at lembongan
The villa design is modern and tasteful. The interior is dominated by brown and white colours. The materials are all natural and the design definitely utilizes the space nicely. I like the idea of the semi outdoor bathroom that is just behind the wall of the bed of bedroom.

The bathroom is almost as if it is hidden, but still has a fairly spacious room. High-speed wifi is available, one of things that I take for granted, but I praise because I more or less depend on it.

The bed was very lovely with a total of nine pillows. Oh man! Speaking of being royal for pillows, Lembongan Beach Club and Resort nailed it. Feeling disturbed by all the pillows? Don’t worry, at sunset the villas staff do their twice daily housekeeping service and prepare your bed for a comfortable nights sleep.

A tiny tips for you: When you are thinking about staying at the Lembongan Beach Club and Resort, pick the room nearest to the beach front so that you’ll have immediate access to the infinity pool and beach.

tasty pancake

The breakfast
They made it so difficult when it comes to choosing your breakfast! The restaurant at Lembongan Beach Club and resort has a large breakfast menu. You name it and they probably have it! Start from the breakfast for sweet lovers, the continental breakfast, happy power sandwich, healthy choices, the bagel, American breakfast, Indonesian breakfast to Korean and Japanese breakfast. Yes, they have it all.

Their American breakfast was great and the pancakes were also tasty. If you visit Lembongan in the future, but are not staying at the resort, you should try the restaurant. The breakfast menu prices are around Rp56,000 – 87,000 per menu and the portion was huge. The restaurant itself is a nice place to relax. Located at the beachfront with plates hanging as decorations. The area is pretty neat and lovely.

common areas of lembongan beach club

Common areas
The common areas of Lembongan Beach Club and Resort have excellent views of the ocean and the beach. The infinity pool is in the middle. It’s surrounded by beach couches, the restaurant and a small garden with a children playground. It’s a lovely spot to lounge and relax.

I’ve been notified by Pita, a lady from Tjendana Corporation, that the resort is a great place to view the sunset. Standing a bit in front of the resort, put your toes in the white sand and you will see the everyday performance, theater of sunset. Very beautiful and serene.

sunset at lembongan island
Speaking of the sunset, if you decide to come to Bali and visit Lembongan Island and stay at this resort with your partner then try a sunset dinner to the soft sound of waves lapping against the beach with a light breeze. It is guaranteed to create a romantic ambiance. A large choice of tasty food is also available at the restaurant. Tummy, heart and soul.. All happy!


If you can afford it or if you want a special holiday, Lembongan Beach Club and Resort is certainly the perfect place. A kind of place to create great memories.

stand up paddle on lembongan island
Oh, one more thing. Don’t forget to try the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and tell me what you think of it. The complimentary SUP (there also kayak too) was one of the most fun things that I did in Lembongan. It wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed it.

I was invited to Lembongan Beach Club and Resort as a guest, however the views expressed in this article is, as always, my own opinion.