where to stay in Nusa Dua bali

Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua complex

It is understandable that sometimes finding the right area to stay during your visit to Bali is pretty tricky. Though Bali isn’t that big, if you pick wrong area to stay in then it won’t be a comfortable holiday because you’ll potentially need to spend at least 1,5-2 hours in traffic to get to the tourist attractions that you want to visit. I can tell you that is not so much fun.

Of course there are a lot of different places to explore in the South of Bali. Still, if you are the kind of person that enjoys not too crowded beaches, loves to do a bit of shopping and want access to nice restaurants then Nusa Dua is one of the best spots (it’s also near to the airport).

I recently stay in one of villas in Nusa Dua that is under Tjendana Corporation management and I would like to share my review about the villas.

room tjendana villas

Bottom floor bedroom at the two storey villas, Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua

The villas
Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua that was soft launched in July 2014, and is going to have the grand launching in the first half of 2015. The complex has a contemporary design. Particularly for the room, I would say that the design is somewhat masculine, but I love the use of the complementary chic colours such as lime green, red and turquoise. This masculine look is followed through in the straight line architecture of the building.

I stayed in one of the two-bedroom private pool villas. The villa was two storey and the view from the second floor is pretty amazing. One of my personal highlights was their bed; the mattress is very good quality and definitely offered great support for my nights sleep. Oh, I should say that I also like their sink’s design and the flowers for the decorative touches.

bathroom Tjendana Villas

Don’t you love the flowers in the towels

villa entrance and pool area tjendana villas

Open air dining room and swiming pool

The private swimming pool was located on the ground floor of the building and though small is large enough for some short laps. Like many villas, the swimming pool area is combined with a semi outdoor dining room and kitchen. The swimming pool gets lots of sunshine and as a result the pool is nice and warm. No one would enjoy a pool with cold water, right?

The private villas are surrounded by well manicured gardens and some of the gardens have small water fountain decorations that create a very pleasant ambiance.

The resort also offers golf buggy cars to get around and there are super helpful staff to help you get settled in.

villas in Nusa Dua Bali

Love this buggy car!

The location
Nusa Dua tries to be a one stop tourism area. Everything is close by and easily accessible. Nusa Dua is also famous for being filled with five star hotels and hosts the main convention centre on the island. Exclusive is probably the best word to describe this area. All these factors make Nusa Dua a great place for honeymooners, families and also for business trippers.

Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua is strategically located at Mumbul hill near the centre of Nusa Dua. Making it easy to get anywhere, but also offering a bit of seclusion. The free shuttle with the Buggy service is available to drop you off from the villas to local places located wiithin 10-15 mins ride of the villas. To get access to the buggies you just need to reserve one day before.

pica tapas bar bali collection

Pica Tapas Bar, one of the restaurants in Bali Collection that offers live music performances. Mumun of Indohoy.com expression is always priceless!

Bali Collection
Bali Collection is a shopping mall complex in Nusa Dua. Prices are in line with the clientele. The shopping mall complex has some good nice restaurants and great stores. I personally like to come to Bali Collection in the evening. Some restaurants have nice live music performance.

mengiat beach nusa dua

Morning walk by the beach

nusa dua water blow

The water blows when the tide is strong. Can you spot Mount Agung in the background?

Mengiat Beach
We were aiming to catch the sunrise at one of the beaches in Nusa Dua, but waking up early wasn’t an easy task to do (especially if you have a comfortable bed). Catching the sunrise quickly switched to wandering around in the early morning. We took a stroll around Mengiat beach around 7 am and still shared the beach and park with early morning joggers. It was such an enjoyable start to the day.

I was invited (December 2014) to Tjendana Villas Nusa Dua as a guest for two nights, however the views expressed in this article is, as always, are my own opinion.