If you love to eat, then Yogyakarta is a great city to visit. The city has a distinct culinary culture. I want to share best restaurants in Yogyakarta, but first let me tell you a bit about the signature food of Jogjakarta.You should try Nasi Gudeg and Nasi Brongkos.

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Gudeg is basically a young unripe jackfruit that is cooked over a 24 hour period. The dish is served with steamed rice, cow skin, chicken/egg, cracker and temple/tofu vegetable dish. Wondering where to eat Gudeg in Yogyakarta? I can suggest three places; Gudeg Sagan (Jalan Professor Dr Herman Yohanes No.53), Gudeg Pawon (Jalan Janturan No. 36; opens at night 10 pm) and around Wijilan street area.

where to eat in yogyakarta - gudeg pawon

Nasi Brongkos is the step sister of Nasi Gudeg. It is not as famous as Nasi Gudeg, but it is just as tasty. My favourite place to eat Nasi Brongkos is at Warung Handayani Alkid (alun-alun kidul/south town square). Warung Handayani sells two types of Nasi Brongkos, which are Nasi Brongkos Telur (egg) and Nasi Brongkos Koyor (beef).

If you are a risk taker, go for the Nasi Brongkos Koyor, steamed rice with beef soup (comes with quite a lot of fat). The taste of the broth is quite unique. It is a mix of savory, sweet and slightly spicy.

nasi brongkos koyor alkid

Not up for a challenge? Go try their Nasi Brongkos Telur, steamed rice with soup that contains tolo beans, tofu, hard-boiled egg and crackers. Nasi Brongkos Telur is usually preferred by foreigners.

If you crave international or not-completely-local food and just want to eat at nice restaurant in Yogyakarta, worry not. Jogja cafes and restaurants are mushrooming here and there around the city.

I want to share best restaurants in Yogyakarta, of course according to me, that provide (mostly) international cuisine and are located in the South of the town. Hopefully, I can write down about best restaurants in the North of Yogyakarta too in the near future. Let’s start, shall we?

nanamia yogya tirtodipuranwhere to eat in Yogyakarta nanamia

1. Nanamia Pizzaria

Their pizza (I love Diavola pizza) are good, the pasta is super tasty and I can’t get enough of their Berrymia drink. Nanamia has two outlets. One, the first restaurant, is located in the north of the city and the second is located on Jl. Tirtodipuran No.1, Mantrijeron.

The restaurant in the South is my favourite. If you are travelling with kids, Nanamia in Tirtodipuran is great. It has a proper area for your kids to run around in. They have simple swing in the restaurant and it makes the whole ambiance even better for kids.

where to eat in yogyakarta milaswhere to eat in yogyakarta vegetarian restaurant

2. Milas Restaurant

Speaking of Yogyakarta restaurants, Milas is one of a kind. It’s a great place to go if you are a vegetarian, or if you want to eat something different. Milas, which is located at Prawirotaman 4 street, is like a secret garden.

I love the Tempe (fermented soya beans) salad and the ice cream. They serve Indonesian and International dishes. Besides the restaurant, Milas also has a small corner where they sell organic stuff and some souvenirs (books, wallet, bags, etc) made from Indonesian fabric like batik and lurik.

restaurants in Jogjakartagolden clopatra jogja

3. Golden Clopatra Restaurant

Golden Clopatra is one of the few places that serve Middle Eastern dishes in Yogyakarta. The restaurant is located on Mangkuyudan street No. 21. They cook super tasty Chicken Shish Tawook, Egypt Kebab Cofta and Humus.

Besides the food, they also provide Shisha with various flavored tobacco. If beer is a big deal for you, then this restaurant isn’t the one that you should try. Yes, they do not provide alcohol.

Mediterranea happiness on platewhere to eat in yogyakarta Mediterranea

4. Mediterranea Restaurant

The above three restaurants are in no particular order, but I have saved the best for last. Mediterranea is my favorite place in town. You’ll be surprised at how busy your plate is for the price you pay. They are bloody good!

Some advice: Do make an early reservation if you are thinking to eat during prime time (7-9 pm) and always give their special of the day a chance. Most of the time, their special of the day is super awesome.


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