After being held in three different cities, #TravelNBlog 1-3 (Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang), #TravelNBlog finally returned to the Big Durian. It took a lot of effort to organize (and prepare for the presentation) #TravelNBlog workshops. Yet we were overwhelmed with the response from fellow bloggers out there. 🙂 So much support, love and passion from the travel blogging world in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

I personally think that the journey is always more important than the destination itself, thus allow me to bring a bit of a flashback and fun comparison between #TravelNBlog 1 and #TravelNBlog 4, which were both held in Jakarta. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Here is the journey of #TravelNBlog workshop.

learning and sharing at TravelNBlog


#TravelNBlog 1 was held on June 21st, 2014, and yes it was more than a year ago. Though it was our first #TravelNBlog, it was a lot of fun. In total 25 wonderful participants joined #TravelNBlog 1. You can check out the list here. At #TravelNBlog 4 on September 26th-27th, 2015 we got 34 participants (we will update the list soon).


It was a crazy 10 days preparing for the #TravelNBlog 1. We received so much support from here and there. Obviously, we couldn’t make it if it wasn’t for our supporters at the beginning. Feel free to read about #TravelNBlog 1 here and to find out about the gorgeous people and brands who had faith in us since the beginning.

#TravelNBlog 4 was well-prepared (though it wasn’t as smooth as the first one, where we had only had 10 days preparation). We finalized our proposal on 5th of August and reached out several sponsors a week after. So, more or less, 2 months time was what we had to prepared #TravelNBlog 4.

The Workshop

#TravelNBlog 1 was a simple one day workshop, filled with 4 different topics and completed with a blog competition for the participants – on a piece paper. Haha. #TravelNBlog 4 was epic schedule. It was 2 days workshop (6 different topics were presented: concept on travel blogging, crafting your story, getting great images, creating a kick-ass blog, managing your blog and social media) and combined with a walking tour Passer Baroe with @JKTGoodGuide. There was a blog on the spot competition, blog discussion, blog talk with @Trinitytraveler, Instagram quiz collaboration with @UrbanIconStore and blog competition after the workshop! Yeah, there was a hell a lot of things happening.

presentations travelnblog

The Team and Speakers

Our team has been growing. Not only the team-as the organizer includes Lucianancy (who has joined us since the #TravelNBlog 2), for #TravelNBlog 4 presenters we also had the talented and smart @AryMozta who did a presentation about blog construction and also the lovely blog-master @TrinityTraveler, who shared enormous stories, tips and tricks of being a travel blogger.


I would like to do a massive shout out to our amazing sponsors for making #TravelNBlog 4 happen – thank you for supporting our mission. In alphabetical order, there is Blue Bird Group who has been supporting us since #TravelNBlog 3, CIMB Niaga Indonesia, Dwidaya Tour, Hotel Quickly – thank you for providing us a great venue and also plenty of prizes, and Urban Icon who have also been a great supporter since #TravelNBlog 3. As for media partners, this time we had GetLost Magazine and also GagasMedia. Thank you so much!

travel and blog speakers

travel and blog workshop JakartaCheck out other articles about this workshop here:

travelnblog 1 and 4 - all participants

The bottom line is a journey, even with preparation,  sometimes can be bumpy. It is at those times though when you actually learn about yourself, give your best and push yourself to the limits of who you are.