I told you before that I never thought blogging would be so much fun, didn’t I? Remember? No? Well.. you can read about it here. So.. I have a big thing to share related to blogging! About a week ago, we (Ariev, Mumun, Vindhya, Vira, Wira and I) successfully held a small Travel and Blog workshop in Jakarta. Until now, I can’t hardly believe that we did it! Curious about how it all started and how the workshop went? Dont worry, I’ll tell you in detail!

So the whole idea originally started when Ariev from Backpackstory.me nagging Indohoy.com (Mumun and Vira) to teach him how to blog in English and Wira from Wiranurmansyah.com to help him to improve his photography skill. The smart Indohoy girls of course wouldn’t give the important lesson for free, so they asked Ariev to teach them how to create a good story! Long story short, they decided make a sharing session with other travel bloggers. The larger the audience the better the event, right? Then at last, they asked me to join them to present at the workshop. On June 11, 2014 together with Mad, Muty,  Tama and Ucy we had an extremely important meeting and talked through the whole plan. The meeting ended up with a decision that we’d hold the workshop on June 21, 2014. Great! We had 10 days to prepare the workshop. 10 days!

Yup, 10 days was all we had to prepare everything! Preparing proposals, contacting sponsors, looking for the venue, creating a poster, promoting the workshop, dealing with the registration, reading all the blog posts, preparing our presentations and yaddaa yaddaa… Magically, six of us did a great job! Though Vindhya from ibupenyu.com is the star for organizing the workshop, because without her, we wouldn’t meet our own target, which is 25 participants joining (register, confirm and attend) this workshop.

speakers travel and blog 1 - jakarta

All the speakers at the workshop – pic by @wordstraveler & @arievrahman

On Saturday, June 21 at Wego Indonesia office the Travel & Blog workshop with the theme, “Let’s Blog Better!” started at 10 am and finished at 2pm-ish. We had 4 sessions, a short practice to apply what the participants learned during the workshop and a blog competition (closed competition; only for Travel & Blog participants, the winners will be announced by July 5, 2014). The presenters who shared their knowledge that day:
1. Ariev from Backpackstory.me shared about “Crafting Your Story”
2. Wira from Wiranurmansyah.com shared about “Making Awesome Pictures”
3. Mumun and Vira from Indohoy.com shared about “Blogging in English”
4. myself, Firsta from Discoveryourindonesia.com shared about “Basic SEO for Blogging”

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.  – Dalai Lama XIV

all participants travel and blog

Travel & Blog workshop participants – pic by @arievrahman, @indohoy & @wiranurmansyah

I was personally really happy to see that the participants seriously followed and were excited about the workshop. This might only be a small workshop, but hey you should start from somewhere, right? We are hoping that Indonesian bloggers in the travel niche, can blog better, united and make a positive impact on promoting Indonesia as an amazing and sustainable tourism destination to the world.


Btw, sorry for not providing the details about the presentations. You should join us next time, by being a participant or being one of the presenters! 😉

writing travel and blog

Checking the articles from the participants – pic by @wiranurmansyah & @arievrahman

travelnblog writing workshop winner

Here are the winners! – pic by @arievrahman

goodie bag travel and blog indonesia

Take a peek inside the goodie bag 🙂

This very-short-prepared workshop wouldn’t be amazing without help and supports from:
@getlostmagz and @MajalahPanorama for being the media partner of this pilot project! You can check their article about the workshop here and here.
– Mad from Wego Indonesia on helping us to providing venue for this event.
@TravelingID for giving free their super comfy t-shirts for the on-the-spot-writing winners
GagasMedia and Bukune for helping with the bags for goodie bag and giving all the participants a super cute note book.
@ID_Nature for providing the awesome and environmentally friendly foldable bags to all participants.
– Last but not least.. Thank you Indonesia.Travel for sponsored us and made us able to providing amazing presents for the blogging contest (for participants of Travel and Blog only).

Check out other articles about #TravelNBlog here:

travel and blog participants at Wego Indonesia

Thank you all and Let’s blog better – pic by @wiranurmansyah

travel and blog speakers

Syalalalalalalaaaa We did it!

Are you blogging? Blogging is so much fun, isn’t it?