Tugu Hotel Lombok (Tugu Lombok) instantly got my attention since the beginning. I had an unusual experience getting to Tugu Hotel Lombok, but it was worth it. Let me share with you my experience staying at Tugu Hotel Lombok.

Tugu Lombok Indonesia Bale Kokok Pletok

Bale Kokok Pletok, Tugu Hotel Lombok

The Hotel

As a traveller I really like it when a hotel that has that personal touch. That’s probably part of the reason I fell in love with this hotel. Let me start at the beginning. I arrived at Hotel Tugu Lombok at night, probably around 7. After admiring the lobby, because is very unique, I started to explore the building. Out of the lobby, there is a beautiful small bridge. The bridge was decorated with small ornaments and looked gorgeous in the evening light.

At the end of the bridge, there is a spacious dining area, called Bale Kokok Pletok. On the right side, not so far away from the dining entrance is a sign. It points to several places around the hotel like Hening Swarga Spa, Sang Hyang, Barong Temple, Puri Dadap Merah and Gallery Artshop.

Adjacent to the dining area, there is a bar named Lara Djonggrang Bar. This bar reminds me of the restaurant where I was first introduced to the Tugu Hotel Group. I couldn’t wait to see the hotel during the day. I knew it would look better in sunlight.

Tugu Lombok Aloon-Aloon room

The bed in the Aloon-Aloon villa – very comfy and feels like home 🙂

The Room

Tugu hotel Lombok has several types of rooms. They include the usual range of suites, villas and bungalows. I think this hotel is very romantic. But wait, they also had the honeymoon villa accommodation. Double romantic? Why not. 😉

Anyway, I stayed in the Aloon-Aloon Garden, it was an exceptional villa. Since it is very spacious, Aloon-Aloon Garden has it own private tropical garden, indoor and outdoor dining and lazing areas, and also an extensive bathroom. In the bathroom, there was an oversized copper bathtub. Mumun from Indohoy.com, @gilangtamma and I spent nearly half an hour chatting and soaking in the bath. It was so relaxing.

Breakfast at Tugu Lombok

Tasty breakfast by the pool was the best!

When Hendri (the guest relations manager) showed us around the room I was surprised by one thing; they use a beautiful wood painting to cover the television. Smart and just amazing. I wouldn’t need to say anything about the bed. I comfortably slept like a baby. I didn’t realize that Mumun came to the room around 2 am (yes, she is a party girl!).

The Breakfast

The variety of breakfast selection in Tugu hotel Lombok is extensive. I love their fruits platter. It was for the first time I saw so many different types of fruit in one plate. Hotel Tugu Lombok takes the effort to make you an exotic breakfast. The also have tasty muesli, yogurt and also waffles. They also have a very good Indonesian breakfast menu.

seafood happiness at Sire beach Lombok

Seafood happiness at Sire beach Lombok – picture was taken by @gilangtamma

dinner by the beach by Tugu lombok

Who doesn’t love candlelight dinner by the beach?

Speaking of food, the private dinner by the beach, which was organized by the Hotel Tugu Lombok, is extraordinary. We were served fresh sea catch (earlier in the morning, when we strolled down the beach we met some of the fisherman returning with the catch).

In addition to the food being delicious, the decoration and the food presentation was also amazing. Dinner time felt very special. The scene was lit by candlelight. The meal was accompanied by the soft sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

waterfalls Gangga 1,2,3

The Gangga waterfalls 1, 2 and 3 – picture was taken by @gilangtamma

The Facilities and Services

Although Tugu Hotel has a slightly remote location (it’s in the northern part of the island of Lombok) there are lots of activities on offer. There’s also the quiet and beautiful white sandy Sire Beach to explore.

We were offered the chance to do some of the activities. One of the activities we wanted to do was visit Gangga waterfalls. The waterfalls are about 30-45 minutes by car from the Hotel Tugu Lombok.

The Gangga waterfalls were heaving as it was rainy season. There are three stages to Gangga waterfalls. The visit was not just a regular visit to a waterfall but also an exciting adventure. Of course, it was completely safe because the driver + the local guide were always paying attention to our safety.

Gangga Waterfall the third Lombok

One of the best waterfall exploration experiences that I have ever had – picture was taken by @gilangtamma


I really enjoyed visiting Lombok. Staying at Tugu Hotel Lombok was a bit like staying over night at an art gallery or a museum. You know you can just spend the whole day wandering around and appreciating every little small detail. At the same time staying at Tugu Hotel Lombok also make me feel like I was just staying in my own home. It was very homey and personal. It gave me that kind of great feeling that you rarely get in a hotel!


Discover Your Indonesia was invited to Tugu Hotel Lombok to review it, however my opinion is, as always, my own 🙂