Have you heard about the term “Yuccie” lately? Yes? Or is this the first time you heard this word? If you haven’t heard the term before, check out these examples from the Urban Dictionary, it probably can explain a bit about Yuccies (abbreviation of Young Urban Creatives).

* Hey, let’s go for a coffee sometime soon.
– Sure, i know this dope Yuccie spot. I’ll take you !

* I need someone with a progressive mind and intellect
– Okay, let me set you up some of my Yuccies.

For the second time Skyscanner is going to host the #24hPeriscope. The last time they held a #24hpersicope was back in April, and it was a lot of fun to watched! They will do it again and now it is going to be about the Yuccies. 24 hours in 24 cities, hosted by 24 different people, who will show and talk about Yuccies.

24hPeriscope Jogjacafe around Jogjakarta tirtodipuran

The big news is, I’ll be a part of it! I am joining the #24hPeriscope by Skyscanner and will show you a bit of #Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Yup! Mark this date: Tomorrow, Saturday – July 25th 2015. I will be taking over @Skyscanner account on Periscope for 1 hour from 12noon to 1 pm (local time-Indonesia GMT+7). Join me and I’ll show some Yuccie spots in Yogya and/or meet some Yuccies! So excited!

Please check this link for the full schedule of the Skyscanner’s #24hPeriscope #YuccieCities and get ready to travel all around the world in 24 hours non stop. Live.

london - image by Skyscanner

Image from Skyscanner

Skyscanner also has identified 20 cities around the world which are full of Yuccie spots and filled with plenty of young urban creatives people, check the list out here: Yuccie Cities. So if you feel a bit Yuccie too, you know where to travel! 😉

What made Yogyakarta is one of the #YuccieCitties in the world? If you missed my broadcast few days ago, here are the answer. My version.

Milas Yogya Organic Market by Paul Organic Market Yogya by Paul

1. Farmers market Milas
I am not a vegetarian, but I like to keep the balance by sometimes eating more veggies and organic stuff. Pasar organik Milas or Organic market Milas or Farmers market Milas is one of those small events that you should consider to check out if you visit Yogyakarta. Mark down their schedule: Every Wednesday and Saturday at (Parking lot of) Milas Vegetarian Restaurant – Jl. Prawirotaman 4, Yogyakarta. 10 am until 1 pm.

There are two cool thing about this Farmers market. One, there are people who cook by themselves, farmers who grow plants by themselves, ladies who bake cakes by themselves and more besides. They sell their harvest, their food, their organic drinks creation, etc directly / straight to you. Second, everyone at Farmers market Milas is super friendly. They laugh, they smile, and they shine! Probably because of eating organic food all the time? ;D

Greenhost Yogya Indonesia

2. Greenhost Boutique Hotel
There are not very many hotels with an eco friendly concept in Jogja (or perhaps there is only one?) made Greenhost famous. They use the concept of up-cycling too. It is basically re-using old products to create new product that have more value.

With its industrial design, Greenhost is able to steal a lot of travellers hearts. Their 90-ish rooms at that time were almost 100% occupied. Besides being green, they also appear to be very creative and support creativity. Greenhost has a gallery for art exhibition, they also often accommodate community gatherings, especially for young and creative people.

lulu lutfi labibi boutiqueYogya Talented Designer

3. Lulu Lutfi Labibi
He is like a bright star on Instagram. He has the public attention with his lurik top design. Since then it seems like everyone has the obligation to buy something from the Lulu Lutfi Labibi collection.

Mas Lulu, the designer, loves to use Indonesian fabric in his designs. I can see he uses various Indonesian fabrics, not only batik, but also Lurik and Tenun (woven). The great thing about his design is it always looks pretty! No matter how the colors are and no matter how (probably can consider as unusual) the cut is.

So that is Yuccie Yogyakarta according to me. What do you think? What else is there in Yogyakarta that you think matches with the Young Urban Creatives concept?