My first introduction to the Tugu group (hotels, spas, and restaurants) was visiting Lara Jonggrang in Menteng, Jakarta. It’s a really special place and I am impressed with almost everything about the restaurant.

Apparently a lot of people love them too – still can’t help but laugh at the moment when (back then) my boyfriend and I decided to (try to) have our Valentine dinner at the restaurant. Of course, it was fully booked. Doh! Of course everyone wanted to celebrate a special moment at a very special place.

Speaking about romantic and special moments, Tugu Hotel Lombok is one of my top recommendations if you are visiting the island. The silent and peaceful surrounding of Sire Beach is perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate a special moment together. It makes for a memorable holiday. Feel free to check out several photos and an introduction story of Tugu Hotel Lombok that I posted last month.

When I was in Lombok, I had this random thought.. This place is such a perfect place for a wedding or honeymoon. Beautiful, full of character, quiet and romantic. The hotel really brings the idea of luxury to the next level.

I remember when we walked down to Gedong Gandrung, one of the newest buildings in Tugu Hotel Lombok with Hendri – the guest relations manager of the hotel. There were two curious guests who followed us and wanted to learn more about Gedong Gandrung. I think they were hit by the romance emitted by Gedong Gandrung, especially at dusk when night was approaching.

Mumun in front of Gedong Gandrung

Gedong Gandrung in the evening. The statue depicts as seen from the story of Ramayana.

The oldest barong in Tugu Lombok

Probably the oldest Barong in the world

The oldest Barong Lombok

The barong greets us as we arrive at Gedong Gandrung.

Hendri started the visit by showing us a Barong in front of Gedong Gandrung. The Barong, a lion-like creature from the ancient Hindu mythology, symbolises the good spirit. This Barong was 150 years old and perhaps the oldest existing Barong in the world.

I must say that it was hard to stay focused, even when listening to such an interesting story. Every corner of the building seemed to call out to me. With high ceilings and lots of tall doors, it felt a bit like we were outdoors. It was a place to explore and admire.

Hendri said that Gedong Gandrung is a place that inspires true love. Besides a tribute to two artists of Indonesia: I Gusti Gedong and I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. Gedong Gandrung is also inspired by the love story of Rama and Sinta from Ramayana.

The building and the decoration reminded me of a beautiful ballet performance in Prambanan, Jogjakarta. The memory of the story, the abduction of Sinta by Rahwana, Jatayu, the white monkey named Hanuman and the separation between Sinta and Rama ran through my mind.

Firsta and Mumun in Gedong Gandrung_Gilang

Interior of Gedong Gandrung – photo by @gilangtamma

Some carving in Gedong Gandrung Lombok_Gilang

Exterior of Gedong Gandrung – photo by @gilangtamma

Decoration in Gedong Gandrung Lombok

Exterior of Gedong Gandrung

Room next to Gedong Gandrung

Beautiful surroundings for a relaxing evening. Very alluring.

After we finished strolling and exploring Gedong Gandrung, we headed to the seaside to enjoy a dinner with fresh seafood caught earlier in the day. Before going too far from Gedong Gandrung, I turned back and looked at the building from a distance. It was beautiful and majestic. Who does not want to make a binding pledge in a beautiful place that was inspired by the love story of Rama Sinta?

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