I’ve been receiving some questions regarding Jakarta’s airport in my earlier post about the cheapest way from Jakarta airport to the city here. Somehow that post is quite famous, I assume a lot of people are actually curious to see about what the ‘entrance gate’ to Indonesia looks like. That is why I would like to show some of my airport pictures collections from Jakarta and some other cities in Indonesia (not such a big collection though!). Basically, same like the other countries, those airports in the big cities are mostly modern, but for those in small cities or towns are simple and more natural.

Hopefully this post can help give you an idea about airports around Indonesia. To be honest, until now, I still sometimes find a great ‘surprise’ whenever I landed in one of the airports in Indonesia that I never been to. Have a great wonder around Indonesia.

Jakarta Airport sign

Signage at Jakarta’s Airport

Cash machine Airport

Cash machines at Jakarta’s airport

Check in counter Jakarta

Check in counter at Jakarta’s Airport

Damri counter

Damri counter at Terminal 2 – Jakarta’s Airport

taxi counter airport

Taxi counter at Terminal 2 – Jakarta’s Airport

Ngurah Rai Bali

Ngurah Rai Domestic – Bali’s airport under construction (August 2013)

El Tari Kupang

El Tari – Kupang’s airport

Domine Eduard Osok Sorong

Domine Eduard Osok – Sorong Papua airport

Betoambari BauBau Buton

Betoambari BauBau – Buton island

Hasan Aroeboesman Ende

Hasan Aroeboesman Ende – Flores

Labuhan Bajo Airport

The Komodo dragon statue welcoming you at Labuhan Bajo airport – Flores

You can check it here for the list of airports in Indonesia.

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