Oh I really need to write about this cool place! People in Yogya. Have you ever heard about JDV? Nope? Umm.. How about Jogja Digital Valley? No? Ahhh.. I think you should go out more, because you definitely need to pop in to this great co-working space in Yogyakarta. Jogja Digital ValleyΒ or JDV, located on Jalan Kartini No. 7 Sagan, Yogyakarta is open from 9 am – 8 pm. Do you know why I said that this place is so great? Beside the fact that it is very clean and has a creative office ambiance, you don’t need to pay anything! You can use the space, wifi and electricity for free. Yes, FREE!

coworking space yogya

Too good to be true? Well, this place is real! JDV is an CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project for a national telecommunication company in Indonesia. More or less, the mission of the place is to encourage the growth of the digital creative industry in Indonesia.

Jogja Digital Valley Indonesia

The interior has a great interior design – dominated by red, white and light grey colours – and a nice ambience, which makes working from JDV a great experience. If you are not listening to music on your earphones, you can hear people discussing about IT, creative business, developing games and apps, etc. Who knew that by working from here you can get a better networking for your own business?

Jogja Digital Valley Private Room

There are some rooms and space that is just waiting for you to explore. Management room (I guess not this one, hihi..), meeting rooms, private rooms, gadget room, co-working space, praying room, cafetaria and lobby (oh, and even the rest rooms!).

coworking space Jogja Digital Valley facilities

Are you eligible to use the facilities? To be eligible is as simple as 1,2,3! Really! No bullshit. (1). You need to register (it’s free!) yourself as a member in their website, click this. Fill in the form. (2). Come to JDV to verify your data (basically bring your KTP so they can verify that you are a real human). (3). You can use the space! You don’t need to wait until you get the membership card (the membership card will be ready two weeks after the verification day)! You can also use the space as a guest if you have not yet registered. The advantages of registering yourself is you are given priority if they have an event that uses some space in JDV (members will get a meeting room so they will be still able to work from JDV).

JDV Indigo Sagan

Free space, wifi and electricity. How about food and drink? You can bring your own water and snacks. Too lazy to do so? There is a cafeteria in JDV that I am sure is too good to be true as well. A cup of coffee costs you Rp. 2,500. So, what do you think? You’re welcome! I know that you will say thank you for this amazing information. Haha.. Don’t forget to say hi if we are in the same ‘office’ in the future.

JDV cafetaria