Hello again! After writing about Introductions, Numbers and Money, and Directions, I would like to write about Transportation. Specifically the types of transportation that you can get in Indonesia and some example conversation regarding transportation.

Indonesian Language pesawat

Transportation: Transportasi
Car: Mobil
Airplane: Pesawat
Train: Kereta api
Boat: Kapal / Perahu
Taxi: Taksi
Bus: Bis
Mini car public transportation: Angkot
Motorbike / Motorcycle: Motor / Sepeda Motor
Motorbike taxi: Ojek
Bicycle: Sepeda
Tuk-tuk: Bajaj
Rickshaw: Becak
Horse with cart: Delman/ Dokar/ Andong/ Cidomo (this form of transportation has different names in several places around Indonesia).

Indonesian Language Cidomo

How much is the bus ticket price?: Berapa harga tiket bis?
How much is the price for renting a bicycle for the day?: Berapa harga sewa sepeda per hari?
Can you help me to call and order a taxi?: Bisa tolong untuk telepon dan order taksi?
When is the boat/ferry schedule from Java to Bali?: Kapan jadwal kapal ferry dari Jawa ke Bali?
I would like to order a taxi from start location to finish location at time? : Saya mau pesan taxi dari start location ke finish location jam time?

Indonesian Language Bajaj


Indonesian Language Angkot

Let me know if you have anything that I should put it in here too! Enjoy learning the Indonesian language.