Hi there!Β It’s been a while since my last Indonesian Language series. So, this is the new one. The objective here is to make sure that your tummy is alright, in a happy condition, to be able to speak about things that you want to eat is pretty important (equally important is being able to express that you want to eat when you are hungry!).

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Most local restaurants/street food stall don’t have an english speaker waitress/server. So, if you really want to try local food by yourself and would like to know or have an idea what (and how) to order. This article will help you!

I’m hungry! (thirsty): Saya lapar (haus)
I want to eat (drink): Saya mau makan (minum)
I want to buy food: Saya mau beli makanan
Do you want to eat?: Apakah kamu sudah makan? or easily transalated to Mau makan?
Already eaten?: Sudah makan?
Can I have ……?: Boleh saya minta …..?

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Food: Makanan
Rice: Nasi
Noodles: Mie
Chicken: Ayam
Fish: Ikan
Rice porridge: Bubur
Prawns / shrimps: Udang
Rice soup: Soto
Beef: Daging Sapi
Goat: Kambing
Egg: Telur
Meatballs: Bakso
Meat on a skewer/Satay: Sate — Satay in Indonesia does not always come with a peanut sauce.
Fried: Goreng
Boiled: Rebus
Barbeque/grilled: Bakar
Vegetables: Sayuran
Bread: Roti
(Not) spicy: (tidak) pedas
Hot sauce: Sambal

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My favourite dessert. You can see it from my face!

Drinks: Minuman
Tea: Teh
Coffee: Kopi
Juice: Jus
Ice: Es
Hot: Panas
Soda: Soda
Syrup: Sirup

So, there you go! You are now know a bit more about types of food and drink that you can order. Don’t forget to say “Thank You: Terima Kasih” or “Delicious: Lezat” if you like the food. πŸ˜‰

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