Yogyakarta is special. At least I think this, but I am sure that people who have been living in Yogyakarta for at least one year would have the same opinion as me. There are endless things to do around Yogyakarta. If you are a nature lover and an adventure seeker, there are a lot options for you in this cultural city. Go climbing or off road driving around mount Merapi, visit the beaches, caves and hop around Gunung Kidul, find serenity and amazing views at Kedung Kayang waterfall – located in Magelang – or try sandboarding at Gumuk Pasir (sand dunes) Parangtritis and many more things you can do!

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I recall to one nice evening my friend, Ghofar, asked me if I wanted to join him sandboarding at Parangtritis. I instantly said yes, like I always did, for any offer that sounds like a fun thing to do. We drove down Parangtritis street from Yogyakarta heading to the beach. After driving for more or less 40 minutes, we finally arrived in Gumuk Pasir, Parangtritis. It is on the right side of the road if you are coming from Yogyakarta. That place was quite simple, no parking guy and no restaurants, just Ghofar and I along with a few of his friends.

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Gumuk Pasir is a large sand dune that resembles a hill due to the movement of the wind. I could already see that sandboarding would be hard to do. Sandboarding is probably like snowboarding… Oh god, I haven’t even tried snowboarding and I said it is similar… Hahaha it is just replacing the word “sand” with “snow” so it does make sense when I say that they are both similar, right? You are dealing with the black sands. One run and if you want to go again then you need to climb up the hill again. That sounds difficult eh? But it was also so much fun!

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I remember we were sandboarding until it got completely dark. Some people fell down terribly when they were sliding. One or two people failed to slide. Almost all were struggling when they needed to climb back up the sand dunes. There were a lot of laughs. Simply one happy evening!

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Since that first evening I’ve tried sandboarding at Parangtritis five or six times. I’ve done it with friends, with children and even with families. It’s always been a lot of fun and something that I highly recommend. In fact, to make the experience even better I’d suggest combining an afternoon of sand boarding with a sunset at the infinity pool of the Queen of the South resort.

Queen of the South

Go Sandboarding at Parangtritis

Sandboarding at Parangtritis is a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends. I’ve teamed up with a local travel agent in Yogyakarta to offer you a day of sand boarding and an evening at the best infinity pool in the city. I guarantee you will be amazed by the views from the infinity pool. Simply magical 🙂

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Have you been sandboarding at Parangtritis (Gumuk Pasir Parang Kusumo)? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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