Through Discover Your Indonesia you can Book affordable shared and private Yogyakarta Tours. You can watch sunrise over Borobudur, visit the hidden caves of Goa Jomblang, watch sunset from the top of  Ratu Boko and a lot more besides… But before we get into that…

I know there are all kinds of questions you’ll be asking yourself as you book your Yogyakarta tour with a company. Is this the right one for me? How to will you know that you are getting the best deals? How to find a driver that speaks your language? English, French or even Spanish. Relax, I got you covered!

Discover Your Indonesia offers a travel service that caters to your needs so you can have a happy holiday. You can find testimonials about our Yogyakarta Tours here, but the exciting stuff is in the links below. Check it out! We’re here to take your order when you’re ready to make your booking.

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Favorite Yogyakarta Tours

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Sunrise at Setumbu Hill

One of our most popular tours is the Setumbu Hill Borobudur shared tour. This is a shared tour with hotel pickup around Yogyakarta. You’ll start the day watching sunrise over Borobudur Temple. After watching sunrise you visit the temple. This tour can be combined with a visit to Prambanan Temple.

Goa Jomblang

Goa Jomblang is one of the natural wonders of Yogyakarta and my favorite tourism site around the city. To visit the caves you are lowered down into a hidden forest, before walking through a series of dark tunnels. The highlight of the tour is Grubug Cave (see above). Make sure to visit the site when you come to Yogya. We run private tours to Goa Jomblang, but also arrange tickets.

Bicycle Tour

Feeling athletic? Join a community bicycle tour around the villages and countryside surrounding Yogyakarta. You’ll experience quiet village life and pass paddy fields heavy with morning mist. The halfway point of the tour is the Imogiri Royal Tombs. Included in the tour is a tasty morning snack at a local restaurant.

Yogya Car Rental

Need transport in Yogya? I’ve partnered up with some local drivers to offer car rentals in Yogyakarta. The standard car is an Avanza and can fit up to five passengers. Larger vehicles can be arranged for groups. Car rentals must be booked at least 48 hours before your travel date.

Yogyakarta Tour Packages

As somebody who lives in Yogyakarta, I’d like to share some of the cities highlights with you. We’ve created a selection of 8 personalized travel itineraries for every type of traveller. There are the temples (Borobudur and Prambanan), the culture, some arts and crafts, a bit touch of adventure and nature. Check them out if you’re coming to Yogya for a few days.

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Manohara Borobudur

The Manohara Borobudur Tour is more expensive than Setumbu Hill, but it’s also more impressive. Instead of watching sunrise from the hills surrounding Borobudur you’ll watch sunrise from between the Buddhist Stuppas. This is a once in a lifetime experience and is well worth the extra money.

Merapi Trekking

Feeling adventurous and want to do some hiking? Why not try to hike *drum roll* one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia? I’ve been two times to Merapi, but I still can’t get enough of it. The hike starts round midnight and you try to catch up sunrise at the peak of Merapi. You need to be reasonably fit for this. It’s a tough hike!

Ramayana Ballet

The Ramayana Ballet is an art performance held in the evening against the backdrop of Prambanan temple performed by a troupe of 200+ dancers. The show tells the story of King Rama. It is based on an ancient Hindu poem of the same name from Sri Lanka. If you enjoy cultural activities and traditional dance then you will definitely like this show.

Batik Workshop

There are plenty of workshops that you can experience while you are in Yogyakarta. Our most popular is the batik workshop (traditional Javanese fabric). During the workshop you’ll learn about how batik is traditionally produced, before trying your hand at creating your own unique design. It’s a lot of fun!