Yogyakarta is one of Indonesia’s premier travel destinations, and it’s rich traditions in music, dance and art. It’s also near to historical treasures such as Borobudur and Prambanan.

Yogyakarta is a great base from which to explore Java, and has a top range of hotels. Needless to say, many of these are very stylish, and will look great on your social media feeds. With that in mind, here are ten of Yogyakarta’s most Instagrammable hotels.

We’ve provided the starting price for each hotel for guidance, but it might be different for your travel date.

Bedhot Homestay from $24 a Night

This lovely villa is great for a traditional stay in Yogyakarta. It’s a beautiful antique villa built in traditional Javanese style, with red brick walls and tiled roofs. Inside, it’s even more beautiful. The bedroom has a grand four-poster bed, and lovely bamboo ceilings. The bathroom, meanwhile, has a rock-cut bath and stylish mosaics on the walls. There’s also a lovely garden and a cosy bar and dining area for you to relax in. This hotel is one for people with more old-fashioned tastes, but it’s just as comfortable as the more modern hotels on this list.

where to stay in Yogya

AllStay from $32 a Night

AllStay hotel is sure to provide you with some great pictures, with its eye catching modern design. Rooms feature a contemporary minimalist design with a pleasant colour scheme of duck egg walls and light wooden floors. The communal areas are even more stylish, and the food at the stylish Nook Resto is superb. You can also indulge yourself with a range of wellness treatments at the relaxing spa. The hotel sits in a bustling area full of restaurants and cafes, and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

guesthouse near malioboro

Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse from $23 a Night

Each guest enjoys a free cup of hot chocolate on arrival at this hotel, set up by a chocolatier. Today, it’s also a stylish boutique hotel, with a modern, minimalist design. Rooms are basic, with white brickwork on the walls and either twin or double beds. There’s also a lobby lounge and a comfortable café. These are great places to relax with a drink, and of course to upload a few snaps. The hotel has a great location just of Jl Malioboro, the main shopping street.

Adhisthana Hotel from $35 a Night

This fashionable hotel fits right in with its surroudings in the trendy Prawirotaman district. Its design draws on classic Javanese traditions, using local materials and techniques, as well as Chinese and European styles. The result is a unique hotel which feels both traditional and modern, and very photogenic. Dormitories are available, with lovely wooden bunk beds, or for more privacy you can go for a Superior or Deluxe Room. The lavish Studio Suite, though, is sure to get the most Likes, with traditional batik fabrics on the walls.

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Tjokro Style Yogyakarta from $44 a Night

Our guide of Instagrammable hotels in Yogyakarta begins with Tjokro Style. This hotel combines a modern, minimalist design with comfort and convenience. The rooms feature funky, colourful bedspreads and retro light fittings which hang above the beds. On the walls, there are cool artworks depicting vintage American cars. The retro theme continues in the Apricot Lounge, where pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Cash adorn the walls. It’s a great place to meet your fellow guests over a drink, and of course to take a few pictures. The Citrus Restaurant is another very stylish space, and serves superb Indonesian cuisine using fresh, local ingredients.

hotel in prawirotaman

Indies Heritage Hotel Prawirotaman from $27 a Night

As the name suggests, this hotel has a classic, colonial feel. The gorgeous rooms feature a traditional design and rich wooden furnishings. The colour scheme is full of tasteful whites and golds, giving the rooms an airy feel. Some rooms feature their own balconies, which you access through beautiful French windows. The balconies overlook either the swimming pool or the mighty Gunung Merapi. The cuisine at the hotel restaurant is similarly elegant. You’ll find gourmet takes on classic Indonesian dishes, and the dining room is a stylish, traditional space.

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Yats Colony from $44 a Night

This artsy hotel is sure to attract attention on Instagram, with its chic interiors and modern design. The stylish rooms feature furnishings by designers such as Phillipe Starck, and colourful touches like tie-dye bathrobes. The hotel supports Indonesian artists, too, such as Sarkodit, whose artworks adorn the walls, and rugs by Ayang Cempaka. It’s not just about the style, though, and the hotel has an eco-friendly ethos. Much of the furniture is made from recycled materials, and fabrics are locally and sustainably made.

Gaia Cosmo Hotel from $54 a Night

Gaia Cosmo is a new boutique hotel in Yogyakarta with a cutting edge modern design. The beautiful guest rooms feature a stylish black and white colour scheme and panelling on the walls and ceilings resembling Japanese screens. The rooms have modern conveniences such as WiFi, LED televisions and Bluetooth speakers, to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Semeja Restaurant offers a variety of plate-sharing Asian dishes, and superb coffee is on offer at Inspira. You’ll also find a beautiful swimming pool and wide-ranging business facilities, making this a great hotel for work or leisure.

eco hotel Yogya

Greenhost Hotel from $48 a Night

The ‘green’ in the name says it all: this is a fantastic hotel for the eco-conscious traveller. The rooms are made from recycled and sustainable materials, with lots of wood and stone throughout. They’re also very stylish, with an industrial-chic design, and are sure to light up your social media feeds. Other features of this four-star hotel include the fantastic Art Kitchen Resto, which has a ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy. Ingredients only come from farmers in and around Yogyakarta, so you know your food is fresh.

Guest House Chendela from $34 a night

This charming slash instagrammable hotel located in the Royal Palace area offers a more cozy and homely feel than the others on this list. The rooms have a vintage Javanese style, with modern furniture and pastel-coloured walls and bedspreads. The property has a warm, family atmosphere, and has its own small garden area. The cafe, where you get your breakfast (I’m not a big fan of their breakfast though), is equally cute. Simple, semi-open-air, and pretty. Check them out on Airbnb (Guest House Chendela on Airnb).