Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved waterfalls. When I was in Ubud looking for things to do and heard about this hidden waterfall in the north of Bali I just had to visit it. I set off early in the morning. It seemed like the only sensible thing to do as it was always raining in the afternoon. I decided that leaving early to visit the waterfall would be the best decision.

Air Terjun Pemuatan sekumpul waterfall

We left from OmUnityBali around 8 am. After a super tasty breakfast, I really like their sweet and balanced palm sugar syrup btw, we drove our motorbike to the next village of Sudaji to visit Sekumpul waterfall. Oh wait. If you go trekking to Sekumpul waterfall you should definitely stay with OmUnityBali. Please read here to learn more about OmUnityBali. I spent one night there and it was a nice experience. Anyway, Sekumpul waterfall is located around 4 km from OmUnityBali.

on the way to sekumpul waterfall

After we parked our scooter and paid for the entrance ticket (on the ticket was written Air Terjun Pemuatan, Desa Pakraman Sekumpul), we started to walk to the waterfall. We passed several houses and I was a bit surprised that there were so many fruit trees around the village. It turns out that people around this area do like to grow fruit. I was so impressed. There were durian and rambutan trees everywhere. After walking around for five minutes, we were able to see several waterfalls from a distance. Beautiful! There are probably seven waterfalls in total around this area.

sekumpul watefall buleleng

sekumpul waterfall singaraja

trekking to sekumpul waterfall

To get closer to Sekumpul waterfall, you need to do a bit of trekking. There were quite a lot of steps we had to go down (probably almost 400-ish). Then we had to cross a river and trek through the jungle a tiny bit, before we finally arrived at the base of the twin waterfall.

If the current was not really strong, I would love to have gone swimming and play around the base of the twin waterfalls. Instead I just relaxed by the side of the river and played around a tiny bit. The twin waterfalls were just beautiful and I immediately felt relaxed and at peace.

sekumpul waterfall bali