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I have called Yogyakarta my home for 1,5 years now. Although in that time I have moved backwards and forwards a lot, spending some of my free time in Jakarta (oh well, can I not just have 2 home bases?).

In Yogyakarta (and Jakarta), in this freelance world, I always go out (almost) everyday to a random cafe that I call my office. I haven’t tried everything, but I have tried a lot of different cafes. Oh btw, You can have a sneak at my favourite offices (cafes) in Jakarta here. In Yogyakarta meanwhile, I have settled my heart to the south part of the city.

Jogja Mio Tirtodipuran

Lotus Mio, Jalan Tirtodipuran No. 10, is one of my favorite spots (or let’s call it an ‘office’). The cafe is right next to the famous Monggo chocolate shop. This office is one of the best spaces to work from because it has a lot of big windows, so you’ll get plenty of natural light and good air circulation. The color scheme in the cafe is dominant brown. There’s a lot of natural wooden furniture. All of the seats are comfortable and completed by a cozy dark brown cushion, just what you need.

cafe good coffee and wifi
tasty gelato in Jogja

My favourite thing on the menu in Lotus Mio besides the gelato, is the Vietnam Coffee and the Chocolate Lava Cake (oh yes, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream). In addition to that I also like the Ciabatta sandwiches! The cafe opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm. Most of the time they have a great playlist though sometimes the songs can be quite gloomy. Having said that, the music really works well with the whole theme of the cafe.

best dessert chocolate lava cake

The best parts of the menu of Lotus Mio Coffee is the coffee and dessert, but they do have some meals options. I can say that it is more like a light meal, such as Ciabatta (I told you already that I like their Ciabatta), Soup, Salad, Meat Pie, Quiche and some Pasta. You shouldn’t miss the gelato. It is so tasty and a good deal. The single scoop gelato is 15,000 IDR (1.3$) and a double is 28,000 IDR (2.4$). My favourite gelatos there are Coffee Dolceti and Rum & Raisin. They have quite a lot of choices, usually up to six different flavours at a time.

Sadly the wifi is sometimes ridiculously slow or just doesn’t work. No need to worry, the trick is to ask one of the waitresses to restart the wifi for you and most of the time it will work fine afterwards! The very big difference (and a plus point) that Lotus Mio has compared to other cafes in Yogyakarta is the friendly and cheerful staff. Mbak Ami and her troops will always greet Lotus Mio customer with “Lotus Mio, welcome!” whenever a customer pops in, passionately and quite loudly. A welcome greeting wouldn’t be perfect without a kind farewell, though right? They also cover that!

Thank you!
Have a nice day!

Additional tips:
– Follow their twitter @lotusmio and get 5% discount!

cafe with wifi and great coffee
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Have you ever been to Yogyakarta and tried Lotus Mio coffee and gelato? How do you think?

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