Visiting Jakarta and craving non-Indonesian food? Jakarta is a really cosmopolitan city and it’s ready to serve you some tasty bites from all over the world. Let me tell you about one of my favourite options.

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Indian food Jakarta, sounds yummy! Oh yes, that kind of thing is possible. There are those certain times when you just don’t want to eat local food. Some reasons like; the local food is terrible or does not go well with your tummy, you just want to eat familiar food or like some close friends of mine, they just love foreign food. Madly in love! Speaking about foreign food, my favorite Indian restaurant in Jakarta is Komala’s restaurant. I love their variety of Indian food and of course the taste.

masala dosai indian resto jakarta

Masala in Dosai

This Indian restaurant is located in Sarinah building, Thamrin road, provides various options. From Naan, Kari, Dosai, Platters, together with plenty of choices for snacks and dessert, Komala’s restaurant has plenty to offer. I would love to let you know two dishes that I really like at Komala’s restaurant.

  • Bhattura Plate: It might look like a space ship, but the soft fluffy deep fried bread is just so tasty. A lot of my friends think that this bread is too greasy, well… Indeed, they are right, but greasy doesn’t mean it’s not tasty! The bread is served with chickpeas gravy, paneer butter masala and a set of small dips to complete the dish; slices of garlic, a slice of lime and a green chili.
  • Masala Dosai (Paper or Rawa): It is basically a dosai filled with mashed potato served with sambar and chutney.
bhattura at komalas resto

A spaceship (or UFO ship?) on my plate. Yum!

komalas restaurant jakarta

Nom nom nom at Komala’s Restaurant – Jakarta

What if you want Indian food, but you can’t get to the restaurant? As you know, Jakarta is unfortunately famous for its traffic. Thamrin Road, where Komala’s restaurant is located, can be ridiculously mad for traffic. Don’t forget the MRT project that is happening at the moment in Thamrin, creates bottlenecks at several points.

Food delivery is a very smart option for people who can’t be bothered to deal with the traffic or people who are simply too busy/lazy to go out (that is so me!). Have you heard about Foodpanda? Sounds so cute… Well, they are. Besides their cute (and catchy)name, they offer great services.

With Foodpanda, ordering food can be as easy as 1 2 3. For example: pick Komala’s restaurant, pick the dish, continue with registering your details, and voila! You’ll get your favorite Indian food at your door in one hour. You can pay them directly at the delivery location. Cool, right? They also have a mobile app, which makes ordering delivery food easier.

Komala's restaurant order at Foodpanda

Ordering food can be as easy as 1 2 3 🙂

Oh, I need to tell you one more favorite dish of mine at Komala’s restaurant. It is not Indian food, but trust me.. You need to know it! Sizzling Brownies… This is definitely the best brownie that I have ever eaten to date. Go on imagine a brownie served on a steaming hotplate (what is better than a warm brownie?), topped with vanilla ice cream. Yum, right? Oh wait. They also add roasted almond slices and hot chocolate sauce. Heaven is so real!

Do you have any favourite foreign food restaurant in Jakarta? Tell me.. I would love to know! 😉

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