A very kind fellow travel blogger Ariev (read his latest article about US here) asked me to join him and Alderina Gracia as a guest on Google Hangout On Air last Wednesday to share a bit about beaches in Indonesia. It was my very first experience to do Google Hangout On Air, so it was a freaking exciting experience! On this Google Hangout two #WonderfulIndonesia travellers, which was hosted by Alderina Gracia and Ariev Rahman, we shared our stories about travelling in Indonesia. There was another guest, Fedi who talked about hiking in Indonesia.

The Google Hangout theme was “Indonesia suits your style”, we basically talked about how diverse Indonesia is for travelling. You can adjust the budget for holidays in Indonesia. There are a lot of options from luxury travel all the way through to budget travel. The discussion is in Indonesian. I pop up at 13:35, yup the girl in the black shirt. During the “hangout” people can gave us questions or comments directly through the Google+ event page or sent a comment with hash-tag #WonderfulIndonesia and #IndonesiaOnly plus mentioning the two hosts. Curious about the topic? Curious to hear 4 Indonesian travellers talk about Indonesia? Just watch the video directly below.

The Google Hangout On Air happened at the Google Indonesia office in Jakarta. That was a great opportunity for me to take a peek in Google’s office, though I only got to explore Warung Mbah Google area. Back then when I was working in an IT company based in Jakarta, I was thinking working for Google must be beyond cool! Seeing the Warung Mbah Google area, oh yes it was a very enjoyable working environment. It reminded me a bit of Skyscanner’s office in Singapore. It also brought back good memories from my last corporate job (I can’t lie, sometimes I do miss those times). Anyway, here are several pictures of Warung Mbah Google area for those that have a working-for-Google ambition. I am sure you’ll want to even more after looking at the photos.

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Have you ever had a chance to visit an office and it turned out to be really awesome? What company was it and what do you like most there? Don’t be shy to share your stories. 🙂

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