Allow me to write a little bit outside of the context of traveling. 🙂

Today is exactly one year since I decided to stop my 9-5 job working in an office. And in the next few weeks, more exciting news, this blog will turn one year old! Yaaaayyyy!

Ever since I decided to become a freelancer, I have had so much time to do things that I like and enjoy. One of which is creating and working on this blog. I’m more committed to writing and sharing information that could be useful to other people. Although I love what I do now, there are some things I miss from my office job.

My cubicle / workstation

I cant really decorate my ‘workstation’ so I really miss my cubicle! My workstation now is a random spot in a cafe, restaurant that has a reliable Internet connection and good food / drinks, or it can be on any random place! I am sure that people that own the place won’t be happy if I decorate their area. I need to have my own personal workspace in my house and hopefully will have it soon enough!

my cubicle

The view

My office was located on the 17th floor in the center of Jakarta. The view is amazing. I loved looking at the sunset or the traffic congestion in Jakarta. Oh yes, I could also be a trusted source of information for people who wanted updates on demonstrations around Bunderan HI.

the view from my office

Wearing high heels

I also miss wearing high heels. I am not an enthusiast of high heels really, but I just love the feeling when wearing high heel shoes. In instants when you are wearing a high heels, your posture would be just different. I always used to use my flat shoes to go to the office and store my high heels (5 pairs maybe? hihi..) under the dome of my office desk.

wearing heels

Answering phone

Hello, this is Firsta. You know what, I was really good at it. Hahahaa.. Picking up my desk phone and saying, “Hello, Firsta speaking”. Because of familiarity, I did that as well whenever I answered calls with my handphone, which is so silly. Oh talking about phones, one that I won’t miss is clearly when somebody put their teleconference call on loudspeaker mode (and put it on quite loud).

answering phone

Access / abillities for some cool stuff

Yes, you read it, that is true! Cool stuff like flying by helicopter, doing a fashion show in the middle of Plaza Indonesia mall (It was such a crazy experience!!), using some really cool designer clothes, and much more.

fashion show in a meeting room

Or, fashion show in a meeting room? Why not? 😉

I-ta Suki Madness

Ah! I love I-ta Suki! Do you know I-ta Suki? It is a restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, I think it was my favourite place to eat together with my colleagues. This restaurant theme is Suki or shabu-shabu, which means that almost everything is stew. I love the fact that we could see the food cooked / boiled perfectly on our own table. It gave us the idea that the food was going to be ready soon and we could chit chat while waiting for it. And the food always tasted amazingly tasty!

itasuki madness

My fabulous Co-worker!

How I can not miss them?? My friends at work were the reason why I could keep the spirit to go to the office every day back then. Well, I kind of half liked my job and half not. So I won’t lie.. my friends, the environment meant everything to me at that time. They are all fun, reliable, happy to help and very nice people. A lot of them are really smart!

fab friends

marketing team love

Birthday and other celebration

Birthdays in my previous office was something really special. Someone’s birthday celebration at the office could include serious planning of the decor theme of his/her workspace. Deep talks about the right gift and not to forget, how the song “Happy birthday” was going to be sung and how the birthday cake was to be delivered. Retirement, resignation, promotion moments also needed serious brainstorming.

celebration in 9-5 jobs

Doing random crazy things around the office!

I am not going to give much description for this one. The pictures describe it best.

surf around the office

‘Surfing’ around the office

Please note that I do not advise you to become a freelancer or quit your 9-5 jobs. Be whatever you like. Do things that you love. Enjoy your life and be happy always because the happiest person is the prettiest. True?