Last month my travel highlight was a journey cruising Musi River in South Sumatera. I did the same thing last year, you can check out the stories here and here. Besides the Musi river cruise, the other South Sumatera trip highlights was travelling with a bunch of people from the Navy. I have never been in that kind of situation before so it was a special experience for me – I’ll write about that later on.

The journey cruising the Musi River started at Tanjung Raya and ended at Palembang, with below routes and distances:
1. Tanjung Raya – Tebing Tinggi: 35 Km
2. Tebing Tinggi – Muara Kelingi 140 Km
3. Muara Kelingi – Sekayu 165 Km
4. Sekayu – Pangumbuk 108 Km
5. Pangumbuk – Palembang 75 Km

Total distance was 523 Km and we cruised for five days. There was a lot of beautiful scenery on the journey. Though I saw some deforestation, which broke my heart, I saw lots of amazing greenery, locals activities, wild honey farmer, one remarkable tree, monkeys and much more. I would love to share pictures that I captured during the cruise trip and I really hope that you enjoy them. I will upload a video about this journey as well, (hopefully) soon!

If you happen to visit Sumatera in the future, cruising the Musi River can be great fun. Some cool guys from Pagar Alam Rafting and Lahat Rafting were my travel companion to during the trip in South Sumatera.

Looking for more adventurous stuff? You should try to do rafting in Lahat or Pagar Alam. Let me know if you want to do it, I can share the contacts with you!

Other things that you can do include climbing Dempo volcano (I have never climbed it, but it looks gorgeous from afar!), which can be reached from Pagar Alam. Pagar Alam is a city 7-8 hours road trip from the city center of Palembang.

houses south sumatera

Houses around Tebing Tinggi

rafting at musi river

First Etape, rafting from Tanjung Raya to Tebing Tinggi

children bridge musi river

Scouts on the bridge excited to see people cruising the river

from mother boat musi

View from the mother boat

camp by musi river

Camping along the banks of Musi River. Happy Times 🙂

wild honey farmer musi river

Wild honey farmer! Can you see him up there on the tree?

people around musi river

Daily life along the banks of the Musi River

musi river wooden bridge

Busy bridge

big tree along musi

One remarkable tree

cruising musi river firsta

Preparing to claim land with my Indonesian flag :p

cruising musi river dragon boat

Dragon boats and sunset. Loving it!

jembatan ampera at dawn

The early morning sun rises over Ampera bridge, Palembang

Have you ever been to Sumatera? Or specifically visited South Sumatera? What were you doing there? Was it fun? Share your stories with me!

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