Every backpacker and traveller needs a good durable bag. I use the Osprey Talon 33 and I think it’s a great choice. It’s lightweight – the weight of the bag (empty) is as light as 0.84 kg -, it doesn’t hurt my back (sorry old bag, you caused me pain) and I can fit all my stuff in it.

After using my Osprey for almost 6 months, and there were more than 5 trips during that moment, I would like what I love about my Osprey Talon 33-Litre Backpack. Let’s start of with one thing that could be improved.

Room for improvement
I really wish this backpack had a front loader feature. Life can be so much easier with front loader as you can get at all your possessions in a second. That said, I am used to packing in cubes (similar with this Flight 001 Spacepak Clothes (Blue – Japan)) now though, so it is still quite easy to pack and unpack stuff.

Osprey Talon 33l great features

Size is just right
The 33L is just perfect for me. I can fit a lot in the backpack (yes, I do travel with far too many things). Of course that’s what I really need the bag for, but it’s not too big. I can actually bring it on board a plane with me as hand luggage, so no chance of it getting lost when I travel.

The Talon 33 is great for a 2-3 days trip hiking a mountain or 2 week-ish trip around the cities. You could actually even use this backpack for a day trip as well.

I hate heavy bags. You know the type, a bag that is already heavy even when it is empty. My Osprey empty weight is less than 1kg, which is great. The material is all good quality as well. I would highlight the buckles plus also the ropes, the track pole attachment place and everything basically. You’ll get me when you touch it.

– Stretch side pockets
– Compartment for camelbag
– Stow on the go Trekking pole; so crazy useful. You can attach your track pole to your bag whenever you don’t need it.

Osprey zippered hip-belt pockets

My favourite feature of the Osprey Talon 33 is the zippered hip-belt pockets. I feel like, Omg! This is the thing that I was looking for. It is so easy to store your valuables, like your phone, a bit of cash or small wallet, or perhaps your printed ticket and passport, here. It means you can still be organized without need to put down your bag just to pick up your wallet or your phone, etc.

No, it is not like I’ve been using my Osprey for years. It is the tag on the bag that makes me believe that the bag is durable. It states that “Your pack is an extremely durable product built for years of use and abuse.” Sounds promising, right? Osprey also include lifetime manufacturing warranties!

Do you use a backpack during your travels? What is your favourite backpack and why?

Disclaimer: This post contain an affiliate link, which won’t cost you any extra, but I’ll receive small commission if there any purchase. All the comment expressed here, as always, entirely mine.

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