I am the kind of person who loves to share my knowledge / reviews so other people can learn from them. This is the number one reason why I created this blog. It does take a lot of time though. But what if your hotel reviews and all your travel related information you shared would give you a reward? Would you do it? Well, here’s your chance.

I get contacted by someone the other day who introduced me to Yonderbound, a new way for hotel reviews and booking. I found Yonderbound a pretty neat platform and I would like to share with you why I like it and why I’m excited to give it a try.

What is it all about?

Yonderbound is a mix of Tripadvisor, Agoda.com (or Booking.com or similar sites) and Pinterest. The last one sounds a bit random doesn’t it? You’ll understand what I mean though when you see the website.

Yonderbound Firsta DYI

You can use Yonderbound as a platform to share your reviews of accommodation from your last holiday as well as save hotels you’d like to visit on a future trip. You can also add some notes about the hotel, which I think is very useful. You can also book accommodation through Yonderbox.

So what’s so great about Yonderbound?


Like I said before, Yonderbound has a neat appearance similar to Pinterest (girls especially love how easy Pinterest can be used for pinning anything that you like, right?). Check out my Yonderbound profile and the appearance of my Yonderbox below. Yes, you can add a customized header image.
Yonderbox - Jogja


Yonderboxes are the personalized folders where you can list hotels (either those that you’ve stayed at and recommend or hotels that you would love to experience in the future). You can also link these hotels together in the form of a trip. For example, if you were travelling from Bali to Flores you could list where to stay each night.

Yonderboxes Firsta

I love Yonderboxes because I find it quite challenging to remember which hotel I want to stay at or would recommend. You know, like which one closest to the train station and which one that has a free shuttle service.

This site saves the hassle. No more bookmarks needed. Just pin all (plus add notes) of the information on your Yonderboxes.

Like the idea right? Well, if you’re planning to arrange your holiday to Indonesia and you are searching for ideas, why not check out my recommendations. I have already created several Yonderboxes for some of my favorite travel destinations in Indonesia (I know you’ll find a hotel perfect for your needs in the list).

Jakarta: Boutique Hotels – Memorable and Unique
Jakarta: Location Wise!
Jogjakarta: Personal Favourites


You can create as many useful Yonderboxes as you like. By creating and promoting your Yonderboxes, you are helping people to travel and inspiring people with your own travel experiences. Good deeds not enough for you?

By creating Yonderboxes and sharing your own experiences you’ll get rpaid 70% of the net revenue for any booking generated via your Yonderboxes. The 70% of the net revenue comes in the form of travel credits that can be used to pay for your stay at any hotel listed on Yonderbound. Isn’t that great?

Do you like to share you travel knowledge? Where do you normally share your hotel reviews and travel experiences? 🙂

Wait, why not try Yonderbound out and tell me what you think!

Register to Yonderbound through this link and you’ll get $10 Welcome Credit from Yonderbound that you can use for booking your next escape.

This review was put together in partnership with Yonderbound and contains affiliate links (I’ll receive small commission for any bookings made, but it won’t cost you anything). The content and opinions expressed here ,as always, are entirely mine.