So after I wrote a piece about 15 things to do in Yogyakarta, which nowadays is one of the most popular articles in Discover Your Indonesia, I got some emails and requests to book tours in Yogyakarta. Guess what? My most popular request are tours to Borobudur and Prambanan, plus sometimes Ramayana Ballet. Another popular request is for tours hiking Merapi (feel free to check my Hiking Merapi Volcano video too)

For most people a Yogyakarta tour is only about the two big temples (Borobudur and Prambanan) and the big volcano. BUT! Yes, there is a but, because a lot of the people I meet say: “I thought there was nothing else in Yogya!“. And then continue with this: “Oh no! I just allocated two days in Yogya, and I’ll flying to Bali the next day“.

There you go. Regret always comes last.

Let me start with a tour close to my heart (actually it’s closer to my tummy).

Would you love to join me on a Yogyakarta food tour?

Yes. You can do a food tour in this Gudeglicious town.
*Gudeg is one of the signature dishes of Yogyakarta. It is made from young unripe jackfruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk. Gudeg is usually served with steamed rice and chicken in coconut milk or telur pindang (boiled egg), with tofu (tahu) or tempe plus sambal goreng krecek (cow’s skin).
It is delicious! It is Gudeglicious!

where to eat in yogyakarta - gudeg pawon

Join A Food Tour Guide.

I recommend a food tour in Jogja on my 15 things to do in Jogja article, but it was by accident that I became a food tour guide. In fact, the first time I actually got a request from a reader asking: “Can we do a food tour with you?” The second time I offered to guide some readers: “Ok, I can also guide you for a food tour“.

The very first time I did a food tour. It was crazy and overwhelming, in a good way.

Omg! I am not such a big foodie. What should I tell them?
Oh no! What I am actually thinking?? I can’t and I am planning to guide a food tour?

Yogyakarta City Tour local food

Long story short, when it actually happened. It was a lot of fun and we shared a lot of interesting stories that we shared. Plus we munched a lot of local tasty food in between. I also shared my knowledge about Indonesian food dishes and some of the the most popular Indonesian dishes and the local specialities of Yogyakarta.

What to Expect from The Tour

The food tour is a walking, talking, tasting experience. It’s a lot of fun. We start the food tour in the late afternoon, just before the sun sets and the weather starts to cool down and continues into the evening. The tour takes in some of the unique local hotspots and restaurants. We start the tour close to the traditional fabric market. This is where locals buy the fabrics they need for traditional dresses. I don’t normally stop at the market, but of course we can visit if you want. In front of the market there are street food sellers where we can pick up some more tasty bites.

One of the first restaurants we visit is a personal favourite. The restaurant has a traditional Javanese ambience and serves local snacks and just as importantly some cool and refreshing local drinks (there’s something else really special about the restaurant, but I’ll only share that with you on the tour). After relaxing and cooling down for a bit it’s time to head to the final restaurant of the evening for some Gudeglicious food (of course this is only if you have the energy).

For the final meal of the evening I take you to a local restaurant to taste Gudeg for yourself. This is the part of the evening that I most look forwards to as I really enjoy this dish. It’s sweet and spicy, with a mouth watering mixture of flavours. There’s really nothing that I can compare it to, so you will have to taste this dish for yourself and let me know if you share my passion for Gudeg.

Jogja food nasi pecel

Joining a Food Tour

While I ran the food tour it was a nice way of sharing two of my life passions; travel and food. I enjoy meeting people travelling through Indonesia and to share with them knowledge of the local culture, history and food. It’s a fun, enjoyable and most importantly tasty experience.

Unfortunately I’m not running the tour any more, but if it ever starts up again I’ll be sure to let you know.

Have you ever taken, or even led, a food tour? What did you think of the experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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