It’s not a secret that people who live in Jakarta and work 9-5 are always craving for a weekend getaway. Though there are plenty of things to do in Jakarta, but sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

Realizing that there are so many other options for a weekend getaway from Jakarta I asked for a helping hand to collect ideas. I was so lucky to get input from some other travel bloggers for weekend getaway ideas from Jakarta. Their suggestions are surprisingly diverse and include trips to Tangerang, Lembang, Laweyan, Ujung Kulon and many more. Check them one by one (in no particular order) for a great overview on how to get there, what to expect and what are the challenges for each destination.

I’ve broken down the weekend getaway from Jakarta ideas into two sections. The first section covers weekend getaways that are just a drive (either medium or short) away from Jakarta. The second section is for weekend getaway ideas where you need to catch a plane or long drive. This second group of weekend getaway ideas are great for the long weekends. Enjoy this collaborative post and get ready for new ideas on where to go for the weekend!

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7 Places For a Long Weekend

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A drive away from Jakarta

1: Baduy

I would recommended Baduy! Baduy is a small village outside of Jakarta that is famous because of the fact that the residents of the village have turned their back on modern developments. There is no electricity in the village, no lights, no CD players, computers or anything else powered by electricity. The village is approximately three to four hours away from Jakarta by train and mini bus public transportation (angkot). Check here for my short guide for a Baduy trip.

In Baduy you can enjoy nature and get the sense of how life can actually be so simple. The village is like a trip back in time. Doing nothing and taking a deeper look to the community life were basically things that I enjoyed when I visited there. Read this article to learn more about the people of Baduy.

map Tangerang

2: Tangerang – Suggested by

Tangerang! You don’t need to stay overnight. It is super close to Jakarta and has plenty of things to explore.

Tangerang is approximately 30 minutes to 1,5 hours drive from Jakarta. The time depends on where you start in Jakarta.

Get a breakfast at Nasi Uduk Encim Sukaria, located in Sholeh Ali street No. 9, is a great start for your Tangerang adventure! Nasi Uduk, literary translated as coconut rice, is rice cooked with coconut milk. Nasi uduk is usually served with various side dish, slices of cucumber and crackers. Rice is a staple food in Indonesia, so there are so many variety of cooking rice. Nasi Uduk is a personal favourite.

You should try Depot Es Bun Tin, though only if you are ok with eating in a bit of a dirty place. This stall is located around Pasar Lama (old market) and you can buy various drinks for Rp5000 – Rp12.000. A great option to stop by if you are craving for something cold (but only if you don’t mind the place!).

One great idea is to take holiday snapshots or go for a cycle ride (you should bring your own bike) around Cisadane river and Bendungan Sangego. Besides that you can also explore the Klenteng Boen Tek Bio, Taman Makan Pahlawan Taruna, Museum Benteng Heritage and Mesjid 1000 Pintu (A Thousand Doors Mosque).

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Tangerang - Museum Benteng Heritage

Don’t miss this!

Museum Benteng Heritage is located in the middle of a traditional market. It is such a cool place to visit! It is a great museum, especially if you get a knowledgeable guide. In fact you will get a lot information about Chinese history in Tangerang if you get a knowledgeable guide.


Be careful when getting a guide at the Thousand Doors Mosque. If you accept their invitation then you should prepare yourself for loads of donation boxes.

It’s a lot better come early to Tangerang. The earlier you arrive the better the traffic. If you arrive early you can also grab Nasi Uduk for breakfast at Nasi Uduk Encim Sukaria.

titiw of

Titiw of is a consultant by day, a blogger by night and a traveler by day and night. With her petite body and huge passion to share her stories, she dedicates her writings about traveling to all the people out there. She wants the world to know how exciting traveling can be. With her sharing is caring. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+

map pulau macan

3: Macan Island (part of thousand islands) – Suggested by

A trip to Macan Island!

Several islands in the Thousand Islands will certainly impress you. Many of them have beautiful scenery (especially the underwater scenery) and it is just 1-3 hours away from Jakarta.

Some of the islands in the Thousand Islands have great facilities and are very tourist friendly. In my opinion Macan Island is definitely one of the best!

Macan Island is just 90 minutes away by speedboat from Marina harbor in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort manages Macan Island.

Besides managing a beautiful resort, Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort also try to introduce several environmentally friendly solutions for their guests. They promote sustainable energy, environmental stewardship, organic gardening, rainwater harvesting, composting, waste management and much more including community development.

From relaxing, snorkeling, canoeing, watching the sunset, to having a massage session there are so many activities you can do on Macan Island. One thing that quite surprised me was the underwater view. The coral reefs around Macan Island are in a good condition and the management regularly undertakes coral planting around the island.

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Pulau Macan Jakarta

Don’t miss it!

You should try to swimming from Macan Island to Macan Gundul Island. It was one of the great achievements of my life! The swim took less than 30 minutes. Btw, the best thing about the island is it is private and secluded. The management has a maximum limit of 40 guests per day so you won’t meet many people here. This also means you get the feeling that the island is totally yours.


Since it is a private island it is quite expensive to visit. Advanced booking is a must. This island is a favorite with expat’s who live in Jakarta.

Ariev of

Ariev Rahman of is a daily worker and a lifetime traveler; his serious travel blog was chosen as the Skyscanner best Indonesian Travel Blog for 2014. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+

4: Bogor – Suggested by

map bogor

My hometown, Bogor. It’s around 60 km down south Jakarta. 1.5 hours driving via Jagorawi toll road from Jakarta, or 1.5 hours by train from Jakarta.

Bogor is great for people who like nature and taking walks. Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Garden) is the main attraction and there are plenty of great picnic spots. It takes hours to walk around the botanical garden. For those that like a culinary adventure and shopping, worry not because Bogor has a lot of nice restaurants, street food stalls and factory outlets.

Local cuisine that you should try include (1) Soto Bogor (local yellowish soup usually served with beef cut & offal, coconut milk, turmeric, and other spices), (2) Asinan Bogor (raw vegetable or fruit served with spicy vinegar, ground peanut, and noodle crackers), (3) Dodongkal (stewed taro with coconut & palm sugar), (4) Bir Pletok (traditional non-alcohol ginger ale served shaken & cold), (5) Es Pala & Es Mangga (sweetened nutmeg & half-ripe mango served with ice).

You can also check out the waterfalls around Bogor and the tea plantation in Puncak. Curug Nangka (a natural waterfall close to Pura Jagatkartha) and Curug Ngumpet (a natural waterfall at Halimun Salak National Park). Puncak area is located in the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies and is a great place to enjoy scenic greeny. You should also visit the Gunung Mas Tea Plantatation.

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta Kebun Raya Bogor

Don’t miss this!

The annual cultural events like Bogor Presidential Palace public visit (free entry & registration usually in early June), Cap Go Meh Carnival (usually takes place during Chinese New Year in February/March), Seren Taun Festival (Sundanese rice harvest ceremony every December) in Sindang Barang traditional village.

Not so many people know about the temples in Bogor. Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkartha is the biggest Hindu temple on the Island of Java and the second largest after Pura Besakih in Bali. The temple is located at the foot of Mount Salak, which makes this temple special with its grand landscape view.


Bogor is known as the rainy city, so better prepare by bringing a raincoat or umbrella, especially during the wet season (the end & beginning of the year). If you visit try to speak some Sundanese with local sellers to get a discounted price, or better yet take a local friend with you. One thing to think about, money changers are a bit difficult to find so always bring some Indonesian currency with you.

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Taufan Gio of is a beach person who enjoys nature, culture, and human interest photography. He likes to play with words and pictures. Traveling for him is not about going places faraway, but it’s more about seeing things in different ways, how deep he’s been touched & inspired. Twitter | InstagramFacebook | G+


map Cirebon

5: Cirebon – Suggested by

Cirebon is a coastal city in West Java where the Sundanese and Javanese cultures meet.

Cirebon is best visited by train, about 3 hour train ride from Jakarta. You will have plenty of interesting views along the way (some are not very nice, though). The journey starts with views of low-end houses along the rail track, then some green paddy fields and eventually small towns along the coastal areas.

Taking a car is another option. It’s a 3-4 hour journey along the motorway. If you choose to take a car, remember that traffic is usually alright along the toll way, but may get worsen around Pantura (Pantai Utara). This is the main road that connect Java from Jakarta to Surabaya.

Cirebon has two sultanates, namely Kanoman and Kasepuhan. You may find it interesting to stroll around the palaces with a tour guide who can explain about the history. The palaces in Cirebon are not as big as in Yogyakarta or Surakarta, it will only take about 1-2 hours to explore each palace.

Other things to watch out for are fabrics. You can find good bargain batik (silk and cotton) in Trusmi. There are showrooms selling various kinds of garments, handmade batik (batik tulis) is way more expensive than mass produced printed batik (batik cap). Cirebon’s own batik patterns are called Megamendung (literally means “cloudy cloud”).

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Cirebon

Don’t miss this!

Cirebon is famous for its’ food. There are many things to try, one that I recommend most is Empal Gentong. This is a soup made from beef and organs like intestines, tripe, etc. Ask for the meat only, if you do not wish to be too adventurous. Another of my favourite dishes is Nasi Jamblang. This is a kind of rice with options of meat, vegetables, and sambal that is common in other parts of Indonesia. However, Nasi Jamblang is unique since the rice is wrapped in teak leaf instead of banana leaf. The teak leaf gives the rice a different fragrance. You should try Nasi Jamblang Bu Nur, Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul, or Nasi Jamblang Pitri. I love other kinds of food like Tahu Gejrot (tofu with spicy sour sauce) and Docang (mixed veggies with ketupat, thick soup and shredded coconut). There is a lot of other great dishes, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself.


Public transportation is not comfortable. Traffic is also bad in many locations. Taxis are still not common. If you choose to drive your car, then you won’t have any problems with public transport. If you wish to come by train, I suggest you hire a car and a driver to go around the city.

There’s no reason to worry about accommodation when you get here. There are plenty of hotels in Cirebon and they suit every budget.

olen of

Backpackology of is an Indonesian travelling family, currently living in Kuala Lumpur. They have a passion to explore Indonesia and trot the globe. They strongly support travelling with baby/kids. Twitter

map Lembang

6: Lembang – Suggested by

Lembang, my hometown! This is a great place to spend your weekend with family.

Without heavy traffic, Lembang is a two-three hour drive from Jakarta. Leaving early from Jakarta is always a wise option. When you leave at 5 am from Jakarta, you will get into Lembang at 7.30 am.

Food in Lembang is great, delicious and mostly cheap! Ayam Brebes is a favorite and is located on Raya Lembang street No. 272. This is a good option for breakfast. Other food that you need to try includes Ketan Bakar and Tahu Tauhid.

Ketan Bakar is a traditional snack made of glutinous rice and grated coconut. Ketan bakar is usually cut into small squares (5 cm x 5 cm) and served with Serundeng or Oncom sauce. You can get this traditional snack at roadside stalls (or some restaurants) in and around Lembang.

Another of my favorite places to eat is Tahu Tauhid is a famous tofu stall that is located in Cijeruk street No. 113. The food is really tasty.

Lembang Floating Market and Dusun Bambu are two places that you can enjoy with your family.
Word of advise: try to arrive at Lembang Floating Market and Dusun Bambu around 9 am, when these places are just opening. 9-11 am is the best time to enjoy these two places.

If you have a familty you will like the fact that there are plenty of games that great for kids. Dusun Bambu is a great treat with nice street food and there’s a kids playground and beautiful (+photogenic) scenery where you can take your holiday snapshots.

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Lembang - Dusun Bambu Glamping

Don’t miss this!

Though it is better to explore Dusun Bambu in the morning before it gets busy, it’s also nice to come at the end of the day. A nice place to catch the sunset at Cafe Burangrang in Dusun Bambu. Besides enjoying sunset, you can also enjoy a tasty dinner there.

Don’t miss out staying over night at the Eagle Camping Ground, which is an exclusive camping ground located inside Dusun Bambu.


Heavy traffic jams and large crowds are the two biggest challenges if you plan to spend your holiday in Lembang. It is a popular holiday destination for locals and also people visiting from Jakarta.

Since the Eagle Camping Ground is always fully booked during the weekend early booking is advised.

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map galunggung

7: Tasikmalaya (Gunung Galunggung) – Suggested by

Gunung Galunggung (2.167 mdpl), which is located around 17 km from Tasikmalaya city center, is a great weekend getaway from Jakarta.

Tasikmalaya is easily access by public bus (usually Budiman or Primajasa bus). You can catch a bus from the Kampung Rambutan terminal in Jakarta to Indihiang terminal in Tasikmalaya. The journey takes seven to eight hours journey. To head to Mount Galunggung, you can take public transportation (angkot P20; dark green color) from Indihiang terminal to the entrance gate of Galunggung.

Enjoying the nature and watching the sunrise are two of the golden highlights of Galunggung. You can either stay over night in the city center of Tasikmalaya or camp at Gunung Galunggung. If you want to have the chance (if the weather permit) to do so,e stargazing and watch the sunrise then camping is preferable.

You can also try to get down to the bottom of Galunggung crater to enjoy the scenery of the lake and trees. In the afternoon many local people are busy fishing in the green lake. It is said that fish were first released here to ensure the lake water is not toxic, it turns out it wasn’t and the population has boomed.Weekend Getaway from Jakarta Gunung Galunggung Tasikmalaya

Don’t miss it!

Culinary specialties of Tasikmalaya. Two of the really famous places to eat are Nasi Tutug Oncom Pak Rahmat (located near Dadaha stadion) and Mie Bakso/meatballs noodle Laksana (located near Masjid Agung Tasikmalya).

Nasi Tutug Oncom is white rice mixed with fried oncom. There are a variety of side dishes that you can choose from such as squid, peda, tempe mendoan, or fried chicken. Mie Bakso Laksana is a nice dish to eat to warm up yourself, especially when its cold in Tasikmalaya.


If you decide to camp on Mount Galunggung, be careful of wild pigs. Keep in mind that you should keep your food inside the tent.

Dita of

Rinta Adita of is a weekday corporate slave and weekend wanderer. She loves to explore new places and taste new food. She eats a lot thus she loves to do exercise (usually running) regularly to keep slim. She likes to raise awareness about the campaign “take a bath only when necessary” in order to save water and save life and save the world. Her wildest dream is to have a Bakso stall in Amsterdam Central Station. Twitter | Instagram

map Lampung

8: Lampung – Suggested by

I would like to suggest Lampung. If you are travelling with kids the journey from Jakarta to Lampung can be a lot of fun. You can also make it very educational.

From Jakarta, you need to go to Merak port. It is a two-hour journey by bus/car from Jakarta. Once you reach the coast you will need to take a ferry. The journey takes 2 hours followed by another 1,5 by car or bus from Bakauheni port to Bandar Lampung.

The journey from Jakarta to Lampung is an interesting route with children. The ocean slowly creeps up on you and then you suddenly arrive at the entrance to the port.

Kids can experience sightseeing activities in the harbor. After you buy the ferry ticket you will need to walk along the long corridor towards the docked ships. It’s a great chance to watch the busy life of the harbor.

The journey on the ferry is also exciting. You can go to the open deck and slowly see the ferry leaving the harbor. The whole experience can be very exciting for kids. The trip from Merak to Bakauheni normally takes around 2,5 hours (or can be only one hour, depends on the weather). You can use this time to explore the ferry. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins in the ocean chasing and playing together.

There are many beaches that you can visit once you arrive in Lampung. Klara Beach is one of the most interesting beaches in Lampung, because you can swim in the ocean while occasionally being exposed to the waves.Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Lampung

Don’t miss this!

Food! There is the famous Bakso Sony (meatballs) in Bandar Lampung. You can find a lot of these meatballs stalls around the city. Besides that, you can also try Pempek (a savory fishcake made of fish and tapioca that is a signature dish of Palembang). Another tasty snack is Keripik Pisang (banana chips) Lampung, which make great souvenirs. It is very tasty!

Besides the beaches, some other interesting places to go in Lampung include Teluk Kiluan, or Kiluan Bay where you can see dolphins in the sea with traditional boat. There’s also Way Kambas National Park, where you can enjoy nature and see elephants. Way Kambas National Park is a two-hour drive from Bandar Lampung. Besides that there is also Krakatau, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. It’s a great spot to go diving (or snorkeling) because it is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.


There are plenty of interesting things to see around Lampung (not in Bandar Lampung) though getting around can be difficult. It is better to rent a car or get an ojek (motorbike taxi) because public transportation can be time consuming.

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Indri Juwono of is an architect who has a passion for exploring, tracing the vernacular of life, learning how space should be created according to human needs. She loves to use public transportation and observe how people move. She is also addicted to reading and reviewing books and believes that rainbows are a miracle of life. Twitter | Instagram

map sukabumi

9: Sukabumi – Suggested by

Sukabumi is a two hour train journey from Bogor. Catch the train at the central station and get off at Paledang. When the traffic is fair Sukabumi is a 3,5 hour car journey from Jakarta. When traffic is bad Jakarta to Sukabumi, which is only 106 km away, can take five hours or more.

Sukabumi offers a lot of interesting places to see and activities to do. There are mountains to climb, Chinatown to explore, shopping to do, food to taste and beautiful beaches which are frequented by turtles that come here to lay their eggs. But for the weekend getaway I would suggest camping in Situgunung and doing a culinary tour of Sukabumi.

If you decide to go camping you can bring your own camping equipment and set it up on the shore of Lake Situgunung. If you do not have your own camping equipment then there is a company that provides a complete camping package. Tent with mattresses, electricity 24 hours, inclusive meals and snacks. A luxury camp experience!

The local cuisine of Sukabumi is very diverse. Dishes range from Sundanese cuisine; Nasi Timbel, Geco (stands for Tauge-Tauco, similar to the Kupat Tahu in Central Java), to Chinese influenced cuisine; chicken porridge and soto mie. There is even food with a Japanese cultural influence, like mochi cake.

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Sukabumi Situgunung

Don’t miss this!

A visit to curug (waterfall) Sawer is a must! It only needs 1.7 km light trekking from the entrance area of Situgunung to the curug waterfall. It is a beautiful waterfall with clear, but super cold, river water.

Get some Mochi cake for souvenirs for your friends or relatives. Go to Kue Mochi “39” at no. 39 Otista Street, Sukabumi. The store, which is an old house, is also the workshop where they make the cakes. If you are lucky, you can take a peek and see the Mochi cakes being made. Other souvenirs typical of Sukabumi include Abon (shredded meat) and Dendeng (meat jerky) H. Anung. H. Anung has been producing shredded beef, shredded cork fish and beef jerky for decades. You can find this shop on Sadar Alley, Pelabuhan II street.

Other culinary adventure ideas:
• Soto Mie Agih: Jl. Pelabuhan No 82
• Geco: Jl. Pejagalan, Jl Suryakencana
• Bubur Ayam Odeon: Jl Pejagalan No 33
• Nasi Uduk Mamih Ungu: Jl Brawijaya
• Mochi “Kaswari Lampion”: Jl. Bhayangkara, Gang Kaswari II No 19


Zero challenge! Public transportation in Sukabumi is fair and available almost 24 hours (several routes are only available until 9pm) a day. Perhaps there will be a tiny language barrier, but you’ll be alright.

titi of

Parahita Satiti of works calculating debt figures during the day, writing travel stories in the evening and sometimes traveling to the corners of Indonesia during the weekend. She enjoys living in Jakarta, but always looks forwards to the opportunity to work and live outside of Java. Travelling solo, as a couple, three people or a large group has never been a problem for her. From her journeys, she learned not to get too obsessive about order and regularity. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+

Great for the long weekends

1: Yogyakarta

I personally think that Yogyakarta is a perfect weekend getaway from Jakarta. The flight ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is around Rp 350,000 one way. The flight takes around 1 hour. Or alternatively you can go by train, the journey take around 7-9 hours. Executive class train ticket price quite competitive with the flight ticket price, but economic or business train ticket are much cheaper. Feel free to check out my other post about things to do in Yogyakarta here and get ideas for a fantastic holiday there. Check other suggestions as below!

map Medan

2: Medan – suggested by

Medan is a 2,5 hour plane ride away from Jakarta. Normally the flight ticket will cost around Rp 600.000 one way. From Kuala Namu airport it take just 30 minutes to get to Medan by train (Rp85.000). You will get dropped off at Merdeka walk, which is a popular place to hang out and do some food shopping. From the city center to Lake Toba or Tangkahan or Bukit Lawang it will take approximately 4-5 hours to get there by bus.

There are several interesting places to visit around the city center like Maimun Palace near Masjid Raya Medan (mosque), the crocodile farm and Sibolangit for its two colour waterfall called Air Terjun Dwi Warna. Other places you can explore include Lake Toba (Danau Toba) and Samosir island area. A perfect area to visit if you’re interested in Batak culture. There are the old houses, Batak ethnic funerals, Sigale-gale (puppet dancing) and other activities to be found.

If you like the countryside then Tangkahan village might suit you. Some people say that it is one of the hidden gems of Sumatera. You can even see elephants here! If you love Orang Utan and trekking more then you should go to Bukit Lawang.

Please remember that Lake Toba, Tangkahan, and Bukit Lawang are not near each other (they are in completely different directions). So if you only have weekend, you should pick only one of these options!Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Medan Pamukkale Indonesia

Don’t miss this!

Medan is pretty famous for its tasty cuisine! Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok (noodle) and Ayam Penyet Joko Solo (chicken) are two of the highlights. If you are an adventurous eater, why not try to eat Durian? Go to Ucok Durian and get them to pick the best one for you. They are famous for this ability! Local coffee is also worth a try.

If you have extra time, do visit Pamukkale Indonesia. This “Salju Panas” is located in Dolok Tinggi Raja. It is four hours from Medan city center.


This one is not a challenge, but a quick fact: though Medan people are known for being loud, they are warm hearted people. Don’t be shy to say hi and ask for things.

One of the big challenges is the condition of the roads around Medan. They aren’t great! Another thing to watch out for are beggars. Beware of random people asking for money. Refuse politely and stay away from these people. Public transportation like (buses) is basically ok, but be sure that you know where your destination is. It can be a bit tricky if you are clueless where to go. Renting a car can be a convenient, but more expensive option.

Winny of

Winny of is an industrial engineer from Padangsidempuan, North Sumatera who loves travelling and blogging. She is currently working as an engineer in for a company producing cement.

map Ujung Kulon

3: UJUNG KULON – Suggested by

If you are keen to have a short adventurous escape near Jakarta, Ujung Kulon National Park is the answer. From Jakarta it’s about a four hour drive to Carita Marina. From there it’s a two hour speedboat ride to Ujung Kulon. It might be a bit tiring, but trust me it’s worthwhile.

There are many things you can do at Ujung Kulon like fishing, snorkeling, trekking, watching wildlife, canoeing or even just relaxing on the beach. Those who like the wilderness will really enjoy Ujung Kulon National Park.

Don’t miss this!

Ujung Kulon is the home of the endangered one-horned rhino. It is very rarely seen, but you can learn more about the species and its habitat by visiting the National Park. If you stay on Peucang Island, a quiet private island surrounded by white sandy beach, then don’t be surprised when you see monkeys, deer and lizards lazing around. It is also fun to snorkel around, because there are lots of colorful fish!Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Ujung kulon


It is safe to travel around. There are several licensed tour operator that provide organised tours. However, since this is a wild natural place expect to see wild animals around and be prepared for basic facilities.

Velyz of

Velysia of is an Indonesian nomad and an easy-going girl. Travel is not just a hobby for her, it’s her passion. She enjoys every single step of her journey. She is a mountain addict and a beach lover. She decided to travel around her beloved country before exploring the big wide world. Through travel she finds serenity. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+

map Malang

4: Malang – suggested by

Malang, the second largest city in East Java, is great for a weekend getaway. It’s a casual and laid back city with generally pleasant weather. There are daily flights from Jakarta to Malang. The flight time is approximately one hour.

There are lots of fun things to do in and around Malang. A becak ride around the city is recommended. It’s a lot of fun! Besides that you can also drive towards Batu for the theme parks, museums and also do a bit of zoo hopping. If you are a beach lover then a visit to Goa Cina beach is a must!

Malang is also well known as a heaven for food lovers. Take a food tour around the city! If you decide to do so then here are some ideas: Bakso Malang (meatballs soup), Cwie Mie Malang (noodle with shredded chicken meat), Rujak Manis & Rujak Cingur, Nasi Buk Malang, Tahu Tek (tofu), and the list goes on.

Nasi Buk, which originally comes from Madura, is a plate of rice served with vegetables (young jackfruit), chili, and serundeng. You can choose dishes for side dish that you like such as fried chicken, satay beef, tofu, tempe bacem and many more.

Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Goa Cina beach in Malang

Don’t miss this!

For tourism attractions, you should visit Museum Angkut and Goa Cina beach. Museum Angkut is an awesome transportation museum for vehicle lovers. Goa Cina beach is a beautiful beach with white sand and pristine blue water.


Well, since Malang is a popular destination now, it gets really crowded during weekends and public holidays. You’ll find the streets get very busy with heavy traffic jams. The hotel rates also increase and the restaurants overflow with people. Advance reservations are recommended.

Debbzie of

Debbzie Leksono is a travel junkie, foodie, shutterbug and animal lover who shares her stories on Living a semi-nomadic life since birth, she never limits herself to only a certain way of traveling. As a backpacker who slept in a train station bench or as a tourist who has stayed in luxury hotels, she has done it all. Why choose only one if you can experience it all? Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+


5: Batu Karas – Suggested by

map Batu KarasI would suggest Batu Karas, which is located 32km west of Pangandaran, West Java.

Renting a car with a driver is the best way to get to Batu Karas. It is a six hour drive from Bandung to Pangandaran, and then another two hours from Pangandaran to Batukaras. One tip, when I visited there was construction work underway on the road between Pangandaran – Batukaras, so we could only use one lane in that area.

Alternatively if you don’t want to drive you can fly from Jakarta (Halim Perdanakusuma airport) using Susi Air to Nusa Wira Airport. The airport is located quite close to Batu Karas.

Besides being famous as a surfing spot, Batu Keras is a great place just to just sit back and relax. There are a few beaches in Batu Karas that you should definitely check out! The most visited beach in Batu Karas would be Legok Pari Beach. A few people visit this beach to surf, to learn how to surf or just play around the beach and enjoy the view.

Another beach that you should visit is Madasari Beach! This beach is beautiful, but it is better to visit during the afternoon when it is not too hot. It is also a great spot for catching the sunset.Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Batukaras Madasari beach

Don’t miss this!

Rumah Raia is a great place to stay if you go to Batu Karas in a group. Rumah Raia is simple, a bit tough to find, but it gives you the sense of being a local in Batu Karas. To find Batu Karas you need to go through a fishermens village. Rumah Raia is located close to some local people’s houses and coconut trees.

I have never tried this myself, but body rafting seems a popular activity to do in Batu Karas. You can also check out Green Canyon or Citumang. It is located quite near to Batukaras.

The long drive!

Timothy of

Timothy W Pawiro of is a tourist and a traveller who enjoys touristy places. Though sometimes he prefers to travel by himself, most of the time he explore places with his beloved buddies. He is a weekender that is happy to carry a backpack or luggage. He might sometimes plan his own itinerary, but often leavesitinerary creation to his travel mates (or using a travel agent service). However he will always be the one to say where to stay! Twitter | InstagramG+

map laweyan

6: Solo (Laweyan) – Suggested by

Laweyan, Solo, Central Java. Laweyan is a batik village that not only prides itself for being one of the industrial centers for handmade batik, but a heritage village that has a lot of interesting historical stories.

Airplanes and train is the transportation of choice to go to Solo. It takes approximately one hour to fly from Jakarta to Solo. It takes around nine hours by train from Gambir or Senen train station in Jakarta to Purwosari train station in Solo.

From the airport you can continue the journey by taxi or public bus (Batik Solo Trans) and stop at Purwosari. A 10 minutes rickshaw ride can bring you (or you can walk) to Laweyan village from Purwosari.

Behind the ranks of shops that sell batik along Tiga Negeri street, you can explore interesting historical sites. One of the famous sites is Laweyan Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Solo. The mosque is home to the ancient tombs of Ki Ageng Henis (ancestor of the founder of the kingdom of Mataram, Panembahan Senopati).

There is also an ancient house not far from the Laweyan mosque which has an underground bunker that can fit 10 people. It is said that the bunker was used as a connecting hallway between houses, but in the end it is only functioned as a storage room for valuables.

Do not miss the beauty of indische style architecture houses, a blend of European, Chinese, and Javanese style. Some of the houses are still in good condition and have sturdy gate doors. The architecture is evidence of the triumph of batik tradesman in Laweyan hundreds of years ago.Weekend Getaway from Jakarta -Laweyan Solo

Don’t miss this!

Discover the typical street snack of Solo named Ledre, which is sold in the alley behind Tiga Negeri street (Setono street). Ledre is made from glutinous rice dough baked in a frying pan without oil until half-charred. The snack is then filled with grated coconut and plantain pieces and folded into a half circle. It is sweet and pretty filling. Wedangan Rumah Nenek that is located at No. 58 JSidoluhur Street. It is a great spot for lunch and taking a short rest. It serves tasty drinks and food at affordable prices. For more ideas of things to do in Surakarta check this post.


Not everyone can speak English and this can be a language barrier. A good idea is to note down “Laweyan” and show it to the rickshaw drivers. Anyway, if you get difficulties with language and directions, Wedangan Rumah Nenek and Mahkota Batik showroom are the best places to go since they have guides who can speak foreign languages.

Halim of jejak-bocahilang

Halim is a walkers who is originally from Solo. He enjoys adventure and finding new things related to history and old buildings. He is actively writing and sharing stories on | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


7: Belitung – Suggested by

map belitung

Belitung Island is just a one hour flight from Jakarta and easily accessible. There are some airlines that serve Jakarta – Tanjung Pandan; such as Sriwijaya, Citilink and Garuda Indonesia.

Belitung Island is famous for its beautiful beaches with big stones! Island hopping and snorkeling on Pasir Island, Babi Island, Burung Island, Batu Belayar Island and Lengkuas Island are some of the highlights of Belitung. The lighthouse on Lengkuas Island is one of the definite highlights of any trip to Belitung. You can climb the lighthouse, which was built in 1882, and see an amazing aerial view of the sea from above.

Beside the lighthouse you should also check out Tanjung Tinggi beach, Penyabong Beach (Laskar Pelangi Beach), Tanjung Pendam and Danau (lake) Kaolin. Belitung Tempo Doeloe Resto must be something special too (I failed to eat there because it was fully booked). Advise from a friend, you should try their Gangan soup (it is fish soup).Weekend Getaway from Jakarta - Belitung - the lighthouse

Don’t miss this!

Coffee lovers should visit Manggar in East Belitung and give Manggar coffee a try. Mie (noodle) Atep Belitung also worth trying. Mie Belitung is a yellow noodle covered in shrimp sauce and sprinkled with fried shrimp cake, cucumber slices, chunks of boiled potatoes, boiled shrimp and bean sprouts plus a melinjo cracker.


No public transportation is available on this island. This means you should rent a car or join an organised tour. The city itself usually become really quiet around 7 pm. If you want to get dinner with live music then you should go to Tanjung Pendam (I guess it is the only area that stays busy during the night).

Car rental cost around Rp300.000 per day (without the driver). Boat rental is Rp300.000 for a day for a small boat and Rp800.000 a day for a larger boat)

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What do you think? Are you ready for your next weekend getaway? Do you have any other suggestions on where to go for the weekend? Let us know!

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