I was excited to be visiting Lombok. For the majority of the last two weeks I had been on the road. I needed a rest and a place to relax and recharge my batteries. I felt like Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp would be the perfect place to do just that.

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is located in East Lombok. Surrounded by nature and with limited Internet connection and no television, Jeeva is a luxury escape in every sense of the word. Yet it was this very detachment that I had been looking for. I wanted to switch off my phone and leave my computer in my bag for a few days.

Jeeva Beloam from afar

The Setting

Jeeva Beach Camp Resort is set in a sheltered bay with a wide white sandy beach. Two steep hills rise up on either side of the resort protecting the forested valley where the Beach Camp is located. The 11 private beach huts are all on a half-moon curve, following the edge of the beach, facing out to sea.

While the bay is sheltered, there is a powerful rip on the left-hand side of the bay. If you want to explore the resort, one long path stretches out behind the resort connecting the 11 beach huts. Trees grow over the path providing welcome shade during the middle of the day.

Kayaking activities with Jeeva Beloam

Surrounding the resort are endless miles of open countryside, woods, beaches and farmland. It’s a beautiful setting for outdoor activities like long coastal walks along the top of the cliffs, kayaking, and bicycle rides. This beautiful setting and the limited number of guests gives Jeeva Beach Camp an intimate and private atmosphere and leads to instant friendships with other guests and the friendly staff.

beach side huts in Jeeva Beloam

The Beachside Bungalows

This sense of being surrounded by nature has been incorporated into the design of all the bungalows. The beach huts at Jeeva Beloam Resort are built of natural materials like wood, bamboo and thatch. From the outside it makes the beach huts blend seamlessly in with the surroundings.

My favorite part of the beach hut was the large porch with comfortable seating that looks directly out to sea (it’s a perfect place to read a book or just have a nice chat). The inside of the beach huts at Jeeva Beloam are spacious with a double bed dominating the main living area. Behind the bedroom, which you can enter through large double doors, is the en suite bathroom.

Jeeva Beloam Berugak Pantai Lime

The beach huts have been thoughtfully designed. Sunrise comes in from the front of the huts in the morning and keeps the room alight. If you keep the doors open a natural breeze flows through the huts keeping the temperature cool. In the morning these different elements combine with the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves against the beach to give you that special holiday feeling.

The restaurant of Jeeva Beloam

The Facilities

The Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp offers an all-inclusive package for guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared at the restaurant on the resort by the resident chef. Food can be ordered from the A La Carte menu and there are two choices of main course and desert available with every meal. In addition to the A La Carte menu Jeeva Resorts also offer themed events like BBQ.

Barbeque at the beach camp

In front of the restaurant is an area for sitting. It’s a nice place to relax during the day and read a book. At night the ambience changes and as the sun sets a fire is lit and the stars come out (yes, being so far away from the nearest town has a lot of benefits).

The Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp also has a library, which doubles as a break out space for corporate events. There’s a wide selection of board games and books that you can borrow. There’s also a spa, which offers a wide variety of treatments (the specialty is a Sasaknese, deep tissue massage or Ngurut Sasak).

Pustaka Room of Jeeva Beloam

Final Thoughts

They say that Lombok is the new Bali (or should that be the old Bali). The island is less developed for tourism than Bali, the beaches are more isolated and there are a lot less tourists. This is all part of the appeal for people looking for a relaxed holiday away from the crowds of tourists. Jeeva Beloam takes this one step further.

The Beach Camp is one of the few places I’ve visited where you can really do just that. With no Internet connection and little phone signal there really is no reason to check your computer. Being forced to switch off I found myself enjoying nature, spending relaxing afternoons sitting on the beach reading and generally making the most of the moment. This is definitely a place I would recommend and I can understand why the beach camp gets so many return customers.

Relaxing at Beloam beach Lombok

I was invited to Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp as a guest, however the opinions expressed in this review are as always my own.

When was the last time you had a holiday without technology? What did you think of the experience? Where you, like me, happy just to get away from it all? Share your thoughts in the comment below.