When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I know a lot of people gets really inspired by this quote. Doing or experiencing something for the first time is always (mostly) pleasurable. The idea of doing something that is new for you results in a mixed feeling. Usually a mix of excitement, curiosity, and many other positive feelings. This is what I felt when I visited Maluku.

You can easily reach Maluku by flying direct to Ambon from Jakarta (or Surabaya). From Ambon, you can get to several places in the Malukus by plane or boat. Unfortunately, I missed most of the classic tourist destinations on my trip to the Moluccas. Places like Ora beach, Sawai village, Kei islands and Ternate will have to wait for another time.

My very first trip to Maluku islands covered 2 nights in Saparua island, 4 nights in Ambon and 5 nights in Banda Neira. I’ll write more about my Maluku trip in details in upcoming posts, but for now let me share all my the-first-time experiences regarding the Maluku trip.

First time to Maluku islands

Sibu Sibu Ambon maluku indonesia

I’ve been wanting to visit Banda Neira islands, which is located in Maluku, since 2009 or early 2010 (can’t remember precisely). For this reason, visiting Banda Neira felt special. Banda Neira is a chain of small beautiful islands gathered close to Papua (I thought it was closer to Sulawesi!).

First time to a ride of 12 seater plane

travel to Banda Neira Maluku Indonesia

I flew from Ambon to Neira Banda Neira (and back) with Susi Air. It was the very first time I rode a 12 seater plane. The experiences of flying on a propeller plane weren’t so bad. It was a little bit bumpy, but luckily for us the weather was good and everything was ok.

One thing I really enjoyed about the plane ride was the beautiful birds eye view – since the plane was not flying too high. I couldn’t help but feel the flight was more like a car ride. There were 2 pilots and 12 passengers. I had the same pilot and co-pilot on both flights.

First time to see fresh nutmeg and cinnamon!

nutmeg maluku island banda besar

I’ve seen nutmeg and cinnamon in my life, but never really seen them freshly picked. You’ll think I am being too much, but it was fascinating to see the cinnamon get peeled from the cinnamon tree. Seeing the nutmeg tree with the fruit being cut and split and see the fruit flesh, mace and seed, with my own eyes was special.

First time to accidentally see a shark while snorkeling

snokerling in maluku

I’ve been swimming with sharks – in a natural pool full of sharks before, back in 2009 in Karimun Jawa. I went diving in Tulamben, and my dive guide pointed to me that there was shark over there.Β When I saw a shark during my snorkeling time in Karaka island, Banda Neira, I was stunned. I wasn’t expecting to meet a shark! I had a mixed of excitement and fear, but it was still fascinating.

First time diving with super intense and packed corals

Lava Flow dive maluku island

Note down this. If you ever come to visit Banda Neira, you have to go snorkeling or diving (even better) at Lava Flow spot. BUT, yes there is a big but, don’t stand on top of the coral. If you think that you can’t swim and might get tired, help yourself by using the life jacket. Keep yourself floating. If you dive, master your buoyancy if you want to get closer to the corals orΒ if you haven’t master it, keep a proper distance from the coral.

Lava flow spot, which is located near to Gunung Api island in Banda Neira is the most-packed-with-corals dive spot that I have ever seen. Be careful and enjoy the underwater world because it is truly amazing.

That is all guys! I hope you enjoy reading this introduction story about my Maluku islands trip. I shall write more stories in the near future. I do hope that this inspires you to constantly challenge yourself to do or experience new things in life.

So, the next question will be: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Been a while? Time to travel to new place maybe?

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