Jump into a jeep and take a Jurassic Park style of off road adventure on the slopes of Mount Merapi. For two hours you’ll speed along muddy roads crashing through puddles, wheel spin up steep slopes and drive over a moonscape like landscaped that’s still devastated from the last Merapi eruption. This Merapi Lava Tour is an adventure for people who are looking for something a bit different than the usual cultural tours.

To reach Merapi you’ll need to arrange a 12 hour car rental through us. The Merapi Jeep Tour takes two hours. Up to 4 passengers can fit in each jeep. We’ll be happy to help you with an itinerary to fill up your day. We’ve provided a few different options below. We can also create personalised tours. For more information about the Merapi Lava Tour review the table below. When you’ve finished, fill in the form to make a booking.

Different Itineraries
Below are three popular itineraries. We’ve provided prices so you have a rough idea of the total cost of the itinerary so you know what to expect.

Adventure and Culture:
Rp 475,000 per person – Sunrise Borobudur in the morning via Manohara.
Rp 350,000 per jeep – Merapi Lava Tour.
Rp 100,000 per person (foreigner) and Rp 40,000 per person (local) – Ullen Sentalu Museum.
Rp 600,000 for Car – 12 hour Car Rental with gas and English Speaking driver.

Merapi and Sandboarding
Rp 450,000 Per Jeep – Sunrise Merapi Lava Tour.
Rp 100,000 per person (foreigner) and Rp 40,000 per person (local) – Ullen Sentalu Museum.
Rp 20,000 Per Person – Taman Sari Water Palace.
Rp 125,000 Per Board – Sandboarding by Perangtritis.
Rp 700,000 for Car – 12+ hour Car Rental with gas and English Speaking driver.

Merapi and Rafting
Rp 800,000 Per Raft – White water rafting.
Rp 350,000 Per Jeep – Merapi Lava Tour.
Rp 600,000 for Car – 12 hour Car Rental with gas and English Speaking driver.

Jeep Rental Cost
– 2 hour jeep rental with driver for sunrise sunset. Cost is Rp 450,000 per jeep (maximum 4 passengers per jeep).
– 2 hour jeep rental with driver. Cost is Rp 350,000 per jeep (maximum 4 passengers per jeep).
We Advise Bringing
– Hiking boots or good trainers.
– Waterproof coat and/ or windbreaker.
– A sun hat.
– Snack or energy bar.

You’ll Always Remember

  • Speeding along bumpy/muddy roads and crashing through puddles in your jeep.
  • Beautiful views of the countryside and the site of Merapi looking over you.
  • Trekking through villages devastated by the last Merapi eruption.


What to Expect

The Merapi Lava Tour takes two hours, but you’ll need to arrange a car rental to do the tour. To make the most of the car rental we help you create the itinerary. There are 3 sample itineraries above that you can review. The cost of the car rental for the day is a minimum of Rp 600,000. The cost of the jeep rental is Rp 350,000 during the day and Rp 450,000 for sunrise/ sunset.testimonial-alzinda

It takes one hour to reach the start point for the tour from Yogya. The jeep rental starts from Merapi. During the two hour jeep tour you’ll drive around on the slopes of Mount Merapi and visit villages destroyed by the 2010 volcanic eruption. It’s an amazing landscape. The views are beautiful. It’s also interesting to see the impacts of the last volcanic eruption (Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia).

There are a lot of things you can combine the Merapi Volcano Tour with. If you enjoy an adventure we recommend combining white water rafting and the jeep tour. For a more relaxed itinerary you can visit Borobudur Temple for sunrise, do the jeep tour in the early afternoon and then relax and explore the grounds of Ullen Sentalu Museum. Just review the table above to find the itinerary that’s right for you.

Adrenaline pumped and ready to go? We’re here to help. We’ll take care of all the ‘boring‘ logistics. Just make sure you bring your sense of adventure and a nice camera to save your happy memories. Fill in the form below. Our teams on standby to make the arrangements for you.

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