I couldn’t agree for more when people say that your 20s are an unforgettable moment in life. Most of us will experience the phase of transforming from a university student to a job seeker (or in a few cases that can be a job creator/entrepreneur). Some might continue their education by taking a Master and even go all the way through to a PHD.

For me, my 20s have been full of surprises, exciting adventures and discovery. Please allow me to share some of my highlights and hopefully it can make your tummy rumble and decide to do something with your life, especially if you are in your 20s.

I can still clearly remember turning 20. I was still in university and had another two years before I would finish my studies. Thus was when I actually started to get really interested in travel. It was a time where I had a goal to place my feet at the peak of either Semeru or Rinjani mountain. I remember how beautiful Rinjani was when I finally visited there. The Rinjani journey changed the way I see things in life.

rinjani mountain trip #makeithappen

I’ve been a nature lover ever since I was a kid. I love mountains and I am also in love with the sea. Being so curious about the underwater life made me debate whether I should get a dive license or not. Getting a dive license is not that cheap, especially for me back then, and it’s an expensive ‘hobby’ that I knew would surely drain my savings. In 2010, I finally decided to take my diving license. It was a big decision and I couldn’t have made it without the support of some of my closest friends and the faith I had in myself. Though I spent a lot of money on diving courses, diving trips and some snorkeling/diving equipment, I have no regrets!

The other big thing in my 20s was when I decided to give up my corporate life. The experience was a big chunk of my 20s. Five whole years of working for the same organisation. Excited, nervous, happy, scared and curious about what the future may hold for me. That was what I felt on my last day at the office.

Change can be hard, but if we are willing to say goodbye to something we will be rewarded with a new hello.

office before and after #makeithappen

Same with trying new things in life, you will (for sure) feel uncomfortable, excited, and all, but why not.. You’ll learn a life lesson. You will enrich your life with the experience.

Deciding to be a freelancer, in early 2013, I was saying hello to uncertainty and to adventure. Being a freelancer is not easy, you need self discipline and an ability to focus on your own targets/goals. The uncertainty comes with time flexibility. In 2013 I finally had a chance to do a roadtrip from Jogjakarta to Labuan Bajo, Flores by motorbike with my partner. Crazy? Yes, a tiny bit. But that is what life is all about right? You should open yourself to new things and your 20s is definitely the right time to start it!

This is a recap of some of the highlights so far from my 20s. I hope that it inspires you to try to make your dreams come true and in between try new things!

Next, the big question is:

Are you making the most of your 20s?

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Seminyak beach Bali

Are you in your 20s? What is your ultimate dream that you want to make happen? Passed your 20s already? Share with me, what was your most incredible life journey in your 20s?