I love the oceans and beaches (of course as much as I love the forests and the mountains too) so when I spontaneously decided to spend an evening by the beach in Yogyakarta I can’t help but recall beach moments in Bali. Being by the beach and listening to the sounds of waves is one of the simplest and most pleasant things to do in life.

south beach yogyakarta

Enjoy sunset time at Depok Beach, Yogyakarta

You know what.. of course beaches in Yogyakarta and beaches in Bali both are great! But, I really miss beach restaurants in Bali! Beach restaurants in Bali are amazing, there are so many of them, especially along the coastline of south part area of Bali. I’m not going to talk about the beach restaurants located near Legian and Seminyak that are famous for the-great-sunset-views, but other beach restaurants.

On my recent visit to Bali, I had a chance to experienced some of these beach restaurants: Lembongan Beach Club restaurant and Equator Beach Club restaurant in Lembongan plus Toro-toro, a beachfront restaurant in Sanur. I enjoyed my time in those places. Here are the reasons:

1. The Ambiance
Nothing really can beat the feeling of chillin by the beach. The gentle sound of the dance of the waves and the gentle breeze. Such a setting can instantly create a relaxing and romantic ambiance created. A beautiful sunset view is a bonus. This is where Lembongan Beach Club restaurant becomes a real winner. As you know the sun sets in the west, so if you are looking for a romantic sunset dinner by the beach then pick a beach restaurant facing the west.

sunset by the beach of Lembongan

A million dollar view of the sunset at Lembongan Beach

2. The Food and Drinks
I can’t forget the tasty Pineapple flambe with ice cream at Toro-toro beach restaurant. I never thought it would be as tasty as it is. It was a nice surprise and I was happy to eat it!

pineapple flambe at toro-toro restaurant

It was so delicious I am still salivating!

food drinks at lembongan beach club

A juice by day, chicken wings by night.

Until now I think I can’t find better chicken wings than the one in Lembongan Beach Club restaurant. The chicken wings are so good that I’m still drooling. Oh, a fresh juice on a hot day by the beach is also great!

3. The Sands
A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes. -Unknown.

There is clearly something about having sand between your toes, right? It just give you the happy feeling, well at least it works for me. I always feel better whenever I have walked barefoot along a sandy beach.

playing with sands toro toro

Decorating the Toro Toro Beach Restaurant – Sanur. It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Besides being barefoot by the beach, playing with sands is my other favourite thing. You can (kind of build a castle), bury your friend underneath the sand or write something in the sand. So many fun things that you can do with sand.

equator beach club with mumun

Chillin at Equator Beach Club. Lembongan

4. The Comfortable Seats
Though I love laying down by the beach using only a saroong, I also like bean bags, beach couches and comfortable seats provided by beach restaurants. You can sit comfortably, eat your meal and enjoy your drinks after playing with the sands.

Do you like beach restaurants like I do? And btw, are there any great beach restaurants nearby Yogyakarta? Let me know, I really want to check it out!

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