The Jakarta Walking Tour is a chance to take a guided journey with a knowledgeable guide through Jakarta. You will spend four hours on the guided tour exploring the sites of Jakarta on one of the four possible tours. These include Jakarta Food Tour, Old Batavia Tour, Jakarta Cultural and Religious Tour, Markets Tour, Jakarta Chinatown Tour and Shopping Tour.

The cost of a one day Jakarta Walking Tour is 49 Euro per person. We can arrange this tour even for 1 person. πŸ™‚ If there are more participants in your group the cost will be a tiny bit cheaper (just a tiny bit). The price includes transport, by bus and taxi, food and drink and entrance ticket to sites. We can provide a free pick up for Central Jakarta area only.Review the itinerary for the Jakarta Walking Tours before clicking on the button below to make a booking.

Price Based On
– 1 person joining the tour.
Tour Includes
– Transport by bus and taxi.
– For the food tour: meals, snacks and drinks as much as you want! The rules are dine in and don’t waste your food & drinks.
– Other tours: entrance ticket to tourism sites, mineral water and snack.
– English speaking tour guide to lead the trip.
Tour Excludes
– Personal Expenses
Jakarta Food Tour
– Discover the best street food in town.
– Taste traditional snack and local food.
– Learn how the food is prepared and understand more about Indonesian food.
– Dine in a famous local restaurant and eat delicious food.
Old Batavia Tour
– Walk along the canal on the edge of Kota Tua.
– Visit the Wayang Museum and the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum.
– Stroll around the Old Town Square and taste some of the street food and traditional drinks.
Jakarta Cultural and Religious Tour
– Visit the National Museum.
– Take a guided tour around Grand Mosque Istiqlal. We will rent the Robe if needed (on us).
– Take a look at Jakarta Catholic Cathedral.
– Explore local market and sample local street food and drinks.
– Pass some of the city’s most famous landmarks around Central Jakarta.
Local Markets Tour
*This tour cost 40 Euro per person and duration is 3 hours.
– Taste local snacks, local drinks, and tropical fruits of Jakarta.
– Direct interactions with the locals.
– Understand more about local people daily needs and activities.
– Shopping in the local markets (at your own cost, but we’ll show you how to do it like a pro).
Jakarta Chinatown Tour
– Explore the old Chinatown.
– Visit local Chinese markets.
– Meet local street artists and visit the store of a gems dealer.
– Visit Tao Se Bio and Dharma Bhakti Temple, which date back to the 17th Century.
– Sample local snacks and drinks.
Shopping Tour
*This is a customised tour. Please get in touch for more details. We can give you advise and help you to arrange a perfect schedule.

The Highlights:

  • Explore the cultural and historical highlights of Jakarta.
  • Sample traditional snacks and eat great street food.
  • Discover the different sides of Jakarta with knowledgeable local guides.


The central square in Kota Tua
Istiqlal Grand Mosque
Jakarta Cathedral
Sate Ayam, Indonesian street food.

What to Expect

An example of the Jakarta Historical Tour can be found below. Your first stop on the Jakarta Historical Walking Tour is the National Museum. The Museum is in the central district of Jakarta. The Museum has exhibitions on the history, ethnography and geography of Indonesia. The next stop on the tour is the Grand Istiqlal Mosque. On the way to the mosque you will pass the Indonesian National Monument, Monas.


Istiqlal is the largest mosque in South East Asia. A guided tour of Istiqlal Mosque takes 30 minutes. During the tour you will visit the main prayer room and walk along the colonnaded paths that surround the complex. Across the road from the Istiqlal Mosque is the Jakarta Catholic Cathedral. The cathedral dates back to the Dutch colonial era. The two sites, sitting side by side, are meant to represent the idea of religious tolerance in Indonesia.

After visiting the Istiqlal Mosque and the Jakarta Cathedral it’s time for a snack. The tour guide will bring you to a food market where you will have the chance to try traditional local snacks and drinks. Your guide will tell you about the different snacks, what they taste like and how they are made so you know what to expect.

The Jakarta Walking Tours last for four hours. At the start of the tour you will be picked up from your hotel or arranged meeting point by the tour guide depending on which walking tour you selected. The guide will then take you on a tour of the city following the route you have chosen. Fill in the form below to book your Jakarta Walking Tour.


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