Our Bromo Sunrise Tour is a chance to visit a region with one of the most spectacular landscapes in Indonesia. You will get pick up at 11 pm-12 midnight (if you start from Surabaya) to drive to the Bromo National Park, from where you will take a jeep to the viewpoint overlooking Bromo Volcano. As the sun rises you will Bromo emerging from the morning mist that hangs on the dusty valley below with the lights of Probolinggo twinkling on the ridge in the distance. After watching sunrise you will trek to the top of the volcano for a chance to look inside the smoking crater. The trek from the jeep parking lot to the crater takes 25-40 minutes.

The Bromo Sunrise Tour gives you the chance to visit one of the tourism highlights of East Java. The package covers a private car and jeep rental and starts from Rp1,950,000 (pick up from Surabaya is at 10 pm the earliest). Up to four guests can join the tour (entrance tickets are not included). The cost for the Bromo Package Tour covers jeep and car rental for your visit. If your start and finish point is Probolinggo, please get in touch with us via email, so we can quote you accordingly – it will be cheaper :). Review the itinerary of the Bromo Package Tour before clicking on the button below to make a booking.

Malang Sunrise Tour
Price Rp 1,950,000
– Pick up at midnight. Transfer to Bromo Jeep
– Go to Penanjakan hill/King Kong Hill/sunrise view point for sunrise
– Climb Mt. Bromo; optional visit to Madakaripura waterfall
– Return to hotel in Malang at 12 noon-1 pm or 4-5 pm if you visit Madakaripura Waterfall
Surabaya Midnight Tour
Price Rp 1,950,000
– Pick up from hotel in Surabaya at 11pm or Surabaya airport/train station at 10 pm the earliest
– 3-4 hour drive to Bromo National Park
– Transfer to jeep
– Go to Penanjakan view point or King Kong Hill or sunrise view point for sunrise
– Climb Mt. Bromo; optional visit to Madakaripura waterfall
– Drive back to Surabaya in private car rental. Return to Surabaya. Probably arrive around 1-2 pm or 4-5 pm if you visit Madakaripura Waterfall
Price Includes
– Private Car Rental and driver. Car is an Avanza or similar (comfortable for up to 4 passengers). Additional Rp150,000 if you want to switch to Innova
– 4×4 Jeep rental
– Fuel, toll and parking fees
Price Excludes
– Tickets to Bromo Tengger National Park and a guide
– Tickets to Madakaripura Waterfall, motorbike taxis for the last bit to the entrance and a local guide
We Advise Bringing
– Warm coat, some layers or windbreaker, gloves and beanie hat for watching sunrise
– Sun hat, sunglasses (optional), comfortable walking shoes for climbing Mt. Bromo
– A change of clothes (you’ll get wet during the waterfall visit)
– A light snack, like a chocolate bar, for extra energy

You’ll Always Remember

  • Watching the mist slowly evaporate from the valley as the sun rises over Mt Bromo
  •  Trekking across a dusty landscape and climbing the stairs to the top of Mount Bromo
  • A 4×4 adventure across rugged terrain through Bromo National
  • Trekking through canyons to Madakaripura Waterfall

Bromo Volcano just after sunrise.
Mist rolling over Probolinggo in the morning.
Jeep used for the Bromo Tour with the volcano in the distance.

What to Expect

The Bromo Sunrise Tour starts at 12:00 am. Your driver will pick you up from Surabaya or Malang or Probolinggo to Bromo National Park. Arriving at Bromo National Park entrance area you will transfer to the jeep. The driver will take you to Penanjakan viewpoint or King Kong Hill where you can watch sunrise. From the drop off point to Penanjakan Hill is a short 5-10 minute walk. If you want something to keep you warm you’ll find lots of street side stalls along the track that sell noodles, corn on the cob, coffee and tea.

Penanjakan Hill and King Kong Hill are always crowded with tourists waiting to watch the sunrise. The crowds normally gather on the far left side of the viewpoint, which is where the sun rises. However, the best views of Mt Bromo (especially if you are a photographer) are actually from the far right hand side of the viewpoint, which is almost always empty. The best time to take photos of Mt Bromo is the first 15 minutes after sunrise while the mist hangs low over the valley and clouds top the volcano.

Once you’ve watched the sunrise over Bromo you return to the jeep. The driver will drop you off 300 meters away from the base of Bromo Volcano. Locals on horseback will rush up to greet you as you get out of the jeep and offer you a horseback ride to the volcano (It costs around Rp100,000-Rp150,000 round trip). It takes about 25-40 minutes to cross the dusty plain to reach the bottom of the volcano. From there it’s a short 5-minute hike up the stairs that are dug into the side of the hill. After climbing Bromo, you’ll visit Madakaripura waterfall (optional visit) and return directly to your hotel or airport or train station. The driver of your car rental will drop you off at Surabaya or Malang or Probolinggo at the end of the tour.

Bromo is an active volcano. We do monitor the volcanic activity at the crater. Sometimes people are not allowed to visit the crater when the authorities request the visitors to be 1-3 km away from the crater. You can still enjoy the amazing landscape of Bromo. When access to Bromo is closed for a number of days, and we know this is the case, we will inform you about the situation.

Bromo National Park is one of the natural highlights of East Java. The soaring hills and dusty plains of the Bromo National Park offer a landscape that is unmatched in Indonesia. The Bromo Sunrise Tour is an easy way to visit Bromo for sunrise. To book your tour fill in the form below and we will let you know if we have an opening on your travel date.

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