I get a lot of questions from people asking where to stay in Yogyakarta. Some people ask about luxury hotels and some people want budget hotels. I always try to recommend hotels with a great design, in a convenient location, and comfortable mattresses. To help you find a great place to stay for your holiday here is a list of the best boutique hotels in Yogyakarta. I know you’re going to love some of the hotels on this list.

The first hotel on this list is the most popular boutique hotel in Yogyakarta at the moment. We’ve ranked the other six boutique hotels on the list by price. Let’s get started!

The DYI Best Boutique Hotel in Yogya

eco hotel Yogya

Greenhost Boutique Hotel from $27

Greenhost Boutique Hotel has a unique design and interesting culture that has made it the most popular boutique hotel in Yogya. The hotel is built around a large central square. On the ground floor there’s a swimming pool and an exhibition space where Greenhost holds exhibitions and events for artists, designers and others in the arts scene from Yogyakarta and Indonesia. The rooms have a minimalist industrial design with power showers and comfortable mattresses. You can visit the website to learn more about the hotel or book through the button below.


Recommended Boutique Hotels in Yogya

Kampoeng Djawa Hotel from $15

If you are looking for a budget boutique hotel in Yogyakarta then you should try Kampoeng Djawa Hotel. The hotel has 9 rooms, which have porches out the front with a small garden. The rooms are furnished with traditional Javanese furniture. Keep in mind that this is a budget option. The furniture is old and the hotel could do with a renovation. However, when it comes to value for money and convenient location Kampoeng Djawa is a winner.

guesthouse near malioboro

Pawon Cokelat from $23

Pawon Cokelat is located in one of the warren of alleyways around one of the main backpacking streets Jalan Malioboro. The guesthouse is relatively small with 10 rooms complete with air conditioning, LED TV and good Wi-Fi. It’s a convenient and cheap boutique hotel in Yogyakarta for people on a budget.


Adhisthana Hotel from $32

Adhisthana is a large boutique hotel with many room types (ranging from cheap dorms at $10 a night through to suites). A lot of attention and care has gone into the interior design of Adhisthana and it shows. The hotel has a blue and white color scheme, decorated with light wooden furniture and copper fittings. You can read a full review of the hotel here. It’s one of the best budget boutique hotels in Yogyakarta.


The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta from $51

The Manohara Hotel Yogyakarta is a beautiful hotel with a great location. The hotel’s architecture is a mix of traditional Javanese and modern styles. It has a rooftop pool with amazing views of the city, and a restaurant that serves delicious food. The rooms are well-maintained and there are many facilities on offer, such as a spa, fitness center, and business center.

Jogja Village from $34

Jogja Village has one of the best ratings on Booking and rightly so. Often called a little oasis of tranquility, the hotel has a central garden courtyard with a large pool. The rooms at the hotel are spacious and comfortable, with many of the second story bedrooms have balconies where you can sit and chat in the evening. The decor of the hotel incorporates traditional Javanese design.


Phoenix Hotel from $57

The Phoenix Hotel is the most expensive boutique style hotel in Yogyakarta. It is set in a colonial era building and the décor mixes traditional European and Javanese design. The obvious highlight of the hotel are the spacious rooms with comfortable beds, and on the second floor, balconies overlooking the olympic sized swimming pool. The Phoenix Hotel has a a great restaurant that serves international cuisine. It is one of the nicest boutique hotels in Yogyakarta.