Celebrating the Hari Blogger Nasional or National Blogger Day in Indonesia, which is celebrated on October 27, the Travel Bloggers Indonesia community decided to hold a blogger review between its member. Long story short, we agreed on do the posting together by November 1 and I got the chance to review Bulan’s blog, which is The Uber Journey. I’ve never done a blog review before, so here we go (and I am mixing it with interview!).

Btw, before we get too far, I should tell you this first: though Bulan’s blog is in Indonesian,ย but since my blog is in English so please allow me to review it in English. I hope you (Bulan’s blog readers and DYI’s readers) don’t mind.ย | update March 2015: Bulan started to write in English! Yayyy!

Senyum dulu ah.. ๐Ÿ™‚
That is a short sentence that Bulan picked to end all of the articles on her blog. It is a bit difficult to translate into English, perhaps it is something like this “Smile first. :)” PS: Bulan, you should correct me if you know a better way to translate it!

The phrase is a unique way to end an article, I am not lying, but it works! I did smile when I read “Senyum dulu ah.. :)” at the end Bulan’s article, even though the article was a horror/spooky story. So good thing, isn’t it? Bulan made a lot of people smiling by reading her stories!

About Bulan

I know her from the Travel Bloggers Indonesia community, the same way I got to know Olive – read Olive’s story about her old grave exploration here – a few months ago. She is originally from Yogyakarta and is now living in Jakarta. I met her once at a Skyscanner’s event. She is an energic, happy-go-lucky girl, funny and very friendly.

TBI girls at SkyScanner event

FELI of felicialasmana.com, TITI of parah1ta.jalanjalanyuk.com, BULAN of ubermoon.me and ME at Skyscanner event

This is how Bulan describe herself on her blog:
Blogger Indonesia | Senang Jalan-Jalan | Suka Memotret | Selalu diam saat melihat pemandangan super keren! | Inisiator #DoodlingPusing | Selalu #Random

Can be translated to something like this:
Indonesian blogger | Love to travel | Love to capture | Always end up silent when she sees an amazing view | Initiator of #DoodlingPusing | Always #Random

Rembulan Indira

Curious about few about Bulan (oh well, I am curious too!)? Here are some random things about Bulan and her thoughts:

  • A wise traveler never despises his own country by Carlo Goldoni is her favourite travel quote.
  • Yogyakarta, which is her hometown, is her favourite destination in Indonesia. Bulan said “Yogyakarta never fails me!” It opens its layers one at a time. There is always a new place, a new story, a new way to explore and enjoy the city.
  • Her favourite travel bloggers are Riyanti from ceritariyanti.wordpress.com and Chocky from chockysihombing.com. She added quickly that she likes my writing too (oh Bulan, you are being a sweetheart). She loves how their writing flows smoothly and hooks her till the end of the post. Not boring or too patronizing yet informative and fun to read!
  • You can find her here: Instagram @ubermoon, Twitter @ubermoon and Facebook Rembulan Indira.
  • She said that writing is therapeutic for her. It helps her channeling her emotion (and the excessive amount of drama in her life) and creates a life-time memory which she likes to recall every now and then. That’s the main reason why she blogs, basically.

Ubermoon homepage

The Uber Journey review!

The Uber Journey’s appearance is simple with a standard blog layout. Bulan welcomes her readers with a colorful header written โ€œThe Uber Journey.โ€ Bulan said that several of the old posts on The Uber Journey were actually taken from her first blog All Things I Love. Previously, she wrote about everything there. On Sept 2012, She decided to split the blog in two: personal blog and travel blog; hence, The Uber Journey began.

I loved The Uber Journey because Bulan is an interesting story teller. Whenever I read Bulan’s article I feel like she is talking to me. It feels personal. Articles on The Urban Journey are a mix of informative (she provides some contact numbers and costs details) and randomness, but they are almost always entertaining.

Bulan ubermoon

Last but not least I asked Bulan 10 randomness. She needs to pick one between two and be quick in answering ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully this can give you an idea about Bulan even more.
– Coffee or Tea? Tea
– Ice cream or Chocolate? Ice cream
– Lipstick or Mascara? Lipstick
– Wedges or Stiletto? Wedges
– Batik or Tenun? Batik
– Mountain or Sea? Definitely sea!
– Backpack or Suitcase? Backpack
– Adventure or Culture? Adventure
– A hug or a kiss? A hug. She was answering this at first: a hug with kisses in between?
– Chris Martin or Adam Levine? Adam Levine; well.. She is actually said none of them at first and change it to Jude Law and agreeing on Adam Levine afterwards.

Want to know more about Bulan and her adventures? Check out her blog now: The Uber Journey!

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