The 2 Day 1 Night Baduy Tour offers you a chance to visit the isolated villages of the Baduy tribe. In a world obsessed with modern technology the people of Baduy are unique. They do not use electronic items or anything manufactured in factories. Instead they live in the same way as their ancestors, a way of life that has altered little in centuries. You will stay in the homes of local villagers, eat the local food and trek for two days through the jungles of Java.

The Two Day One Night Baduy Tour costs Rp 6,500,000 for two people, which is the minimum number of participants needed for the tour. The price covers a two-day car rental, food, guide and overnight accommodation in Gajebo Village. Review the table below for more information about the Baduy Cultural Tour before making a booking.

Price Based On
– Two guests joining the tour.
– For groups of 7 or more the cost of the tour is Rp. 1,300,000 per person.
Tour Includes
– Private car rental with driver and gas.* Rental car is an Avanza or similar and can fit up to 5 people. Larger vehicle can be arranged upon request.
– Guide to lead the tour.
– Entrance fee and overnight accommodation.
– All meals during the tour.
– One bottle of mineral water per person.

*Tour starts from Jakarta.

Tour Excludes
– Meals unless already stated.
– Any additional snacks.
– Accommodation.
Day 1
– Pick up from hotel or meeting point in Jakarta.
– Drive to Ciboleger.
– Arrive at Baduy and have food.
– Trek to Kadu Ketug, Kadu Jangkung and Kadu Keter villages.
– Have lunch at Kadu Keter Village.
– Trek to Gajebo Village.
– Swim in Cibaduy River.
– Stay Overnight in Gajebo Village.
Day 2
– Wake up for sunrise.
– Trek to Cikakal.
– See local handicrafts.
– Return to Carita.
– Drop off in Jakarta.
Visitors travelling to Baduy need to abide by certain rules set by the community during the tour. Please read the following carefully as you will be expected to follow these rules.

– Non Indonesian/ Malaysian are not allowed to enter the area of Baduy Dalam.
– You are not allowed to bring alcohol with you on the trip.
– You are not allowed to bring soap and other toiletries into Baduy.
– You are not allowed to bring musical instrument into Baduy.


  • Step back in time and experience the unique way of life of the people of Baduy.
  • Trek through thick forest between the villages of the Baduy.
  • Watch sunrise over Gajebo as the village awakens beneath you.
  • A completely different side of Indonesia just a stones throw from Jakarta.


One of the villages of the Baduy.
Women wearing traditional clothing of the Baduy tribe.
Trekking between the villages of the Baduy.

What to Expect

The 2 Day 1 Night Baduy Cultural Tour starts on the morning of the first day. The driver will pick you up from your hotel or the arranged meeting point. It’s a three-hour drive from Jakarta to Ciboleger. From Ciboleger you can trek to the villages of Baduy Luar.testimonial-alzinda

The villages of the Baduy are separated into two distinct areas. There is an outer ring of villages, known as Baduy Luar. These are the villages that you will be visiting. The people of Baduy Luar use modern technology, but still maintain many of the traditions, like the distinct dress code, of the Baduy.

Within the outer ring formed by Baduy Luar there are the villages of Baduy Dalam. The people of these villages do not use modern technology. Unfortunately if you are not Indonesian or Malaysian you are unable to visit the villages of Baduy Dalam. Instead you will trek between the villages of Baduy Luar.

On the first day of the tour you will trek to the three villages of Kadu Ketug, Kadu Jangkung, Kadu Keter and Gajebo. You will sleep in the house of one of the villagers of Gajebo. On the second day of the tour you trek to Cikakel, where you will have a chance to see local handicrafts and textiles produced by the Baduy. This is where the tour ends. Your driver will pick you up from Cikakel and drop you off back at your hotel or agreed meeting point in Jakarta.

The Two Day One Night Baduy Tour offers you a chance to experience a different way of life. Over two days you will trek between the remote villages of Baduy Luar, eat local food and sleep in the homes of villagers. It’s a unique trip to experience so close to Jakarta. To book your tour fill in the form below and we will let you know if we have an opening on your travel date.


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