If you’re an experienced rider you have to try motocross in Yogyakarta. Our off road motor endure day packages take you racing through the countryside surrounding Yogyakarta. You’ll ride through sweeping canyons, kick up dust as you climb up technical tracks and cross streams or kick up the sand on the beaches of Gunung Kidul. It’s a package for people who love the outdoors.

You’ll be led on this Yogyakarta Motorcross package by an experienced Enduro rider. There are two different packages available. Our One Day Merapi Volcano Enduro Package starts from Rp 1,400,000 per person. The Gunung Kidul Enduro Package is slightly more expensive at Rp 1,550,000 per person. We’ve provided some information about the Manohara Sunrise Tour below along with a video of my last visit. Read through the post then fill in the form to book the tour.

Itinerary: Day 1
– Meet at 7 am.
– Dress for riding and see your bike.
– Leaving around 8am for the Motor Enduro.
– Return to Yogya between 2-5 pm (depends on your endurance).
Package Price
– Rp 1,400,000 per person Cross Country Enduro.
– Rp 1,550,000 per person Beach Enduro.
Tour Includes
– 150 cc Motor Enduro Bike and Helmet.
– Drinks, lunch and snacks.
– Gasoline for the motor bikes.
Tour Excludes
– Rental of extra protective gear.
We Recommend Bringing
– Strong boots (mountain/trekking boots).
– Jeans (or strong long trekking pants).
– Long sleeve T-shirt.

You’ll Always Remember

  • Riding through canyons on the slopes of Merapi Volcano.
  • Sense of team building as you help others to overcome difficult obstacles.
  • The roar of your bikes engine as you race down muddy tracks.

What to Expect

Our one day Yogyakarta Motor Enduro Packages are designed for all experience levels. The Gunung Kidul package is a day tour that takes you along off-road tracks by the beaches surrounding Yogyakarta. Part of the track follows a stunning river with National Geographic Views. The Volcano Merapi Enduro Tour takes you through deep rutted canyons and muddy forest tracks on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Whichever tour you choose though you’ll have a lot of fun.

The average tour lasts 6-8 hours depending your endurance level and motor skills. We will arrange the motor bike for you, a helmet and most likely some proper boots and protection (depending on your size and on availability). The motor bikes we have are perfect for the type of riding done in Indonesia. Not too heavy and not too high for your Balance and strong enough to pass all obstacles. Obviously you need to be at least experienced in driving a shifting gear motor bike.

You’ll be taking the tour with a guide with over a decade of experience motocross riding. Before your Yogyakarta Motorcross Tour you’ll have a one-to-one talk with the guide. Based on your experience level we’ll design a customised itinerary for you. We aim to create a tour that will challenge you, but still find enjoyable.

Our one day Yogyakarta Motorcross Packages are popular with riders who love the outdoors. We take you along the trails that have made Yogyakarta famous for Enduro racing. If you love riding and are ready to inject some adrenaline into your holiday we’re happy to help arrange a day of Motorcross for you. Fill in the form below to make a booking.


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