The 2 days 1 night Ujung Kulon National Park tour is a chance to visit one of the last remaining sanctuaries of the Javan Rhino. Over two days you will take a boat trip through the thick jungle and mangrove swamps of Java in search of wildlife, go trekking along forest paths and snorkel around the Tanjung Layar Peninsula. It is one of the few trips in West Java where you can see the jungles that used to cover the island.

The Two Day One Night Outbound Tour in Lombok costs Rp 5,625,000 per person for two people, which is the minimum number of participants needed for the tour. The price covers rental car, a guide, all activities and lunch on both days. If you have a larger group the cost per person will be cheaper. Review the table below for more information about the 2 Day 1 Night Ujung Kulon Tour before making a booking.

Price Based On
– Two guests joining the tour the cost is Rp 11,250,000.
– For 4 people the cost of the tour is Rp. 3,600,000 per person.
– For 6 people the cost of the tour is Rp. 2,700,000 per person.
Tour Includes
-Entrance fee and insurance.
– All meals for the tour.
– Car and boat rental.
– Guide and ranger for the trek.
– Accommodation on Peucang Island.
– Snorkelling equipment.
Tour Excludes
– Snacks and beer.
Day 1
– Leave Lippo Marina and head to Handeuleum Island.
– Take a canoe along Cigenter River.
– Check in to the hotel on Peuceng Island.
– Go on a short trek through Cidaon Savanna.
– Watch sunset from Cidaon Beach.
Day 2
– Trek to Cibom.
– Visit the Tanjung Layar Lighthouse.
– Go Snorkelling around Peucang Island.
– Go Snorkelling around Cinyawan Beach.
– Drive back to Carita.


  • Canoeing through thick jungle along the Cigenter River.
  • Trekking through the forest in search of the elusive Javan Rhino.
  • Swimming over colourful coral reefs in waters teeming with tropical fish.
  • Visiting historical heritage sites from the Dutch colonial era.


Looking for wildlife on a canoe ride through Ujung Kulon.
Jungle trek in search of the Javan Rhino.
Ranger showing signs of Javan Rhino.
Islands and beaches in Ujung Kulon National Park.

What to Expect

You will be picked up from the Lippo Marina at 8 am on the first day of the Ujung Kulon National Park Tour. From the Lippo Marina you will take a speed boat to Handeleum Island. The journey to Handeleum Island takes about two hours. When you arrive at Handeleum Island you will take a short trek with a guide through the forest. You will then take a canoe ride through the thick jungle down the Cigenteur River. This is the best opportunity to see animals that come to bathe in the water and drink on a hot day. It’s common to see deer and also python on this section of the trip.geneci-testimonial

At the end of the canoe tour, which will be about 3:30 pm, you will sail to Peucang Island. You can check into your lodgings straight away. You’ll have an hour of free time, during which you can rest, until 4:30 pm. At 5 pm you will go on a dusk hike to the Cidaon Savanna. Dusk and sunrise are the best time to see wildlife. You will return to your lodgings at 6 pm for dinner and a good nights sleep.

After breakfast, on the morning of the second day of the Ujung Kulon Tour, you will visit some colonial sites at Cibom-Tanjung Layar. There is an old Dutch prison and some other sites that you can see. It’s also a nice place for trekking. In the afternoon you return to Peucang Island. There are coral reefs surrounding the island where you can go snorkelling. You will also have the chance to snorkel at Cinyawaan Beach. The tour ends at 3.00 pm in Carita.

The Ujung Kulon National Park Tour is an opportunity to visit one of the best National Parks in Java. Over 2 days you will take canoe trips down the river estuaries of the Ujung Kulon National Park, trek through the forest and go snorkelling around Peucang Island. To book your tour fill in the form below and we will let you know if we have an opening on your travel date.


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