The 5 Days 4 Nights Lombok to Flores Cruise Tour offers you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the Indonesian archipelago. On this five day cruise you will sail past uninhabited tropical islands with beautiful sandy beaches and towering volcanoes that rise up out of the ocean. You will trek in search of the famous Komodo Dragon, wild buffalo and Sunda Deer and snorkel over colourful coral reef teeming with fish. It’s a journey that will both amaze and enchant you.

The 5 Day 4 Night Lombok to Flores Cruise starts from Rp 3,300,000 per person for a bed on the deck. The cruise with a cabin costs Rp 4,950,000 per person. You can make both individual and group bookings. The package is full board, all meals are included in the cost. Equipment for snorkelling, kayaking and fishing is provided for free to passengers. Review the table below for more information about the 5 Day 4 Night Lombok to Flores cruise before making a booking.

Price Based On
– Price is Rp 3,300,000 per person for a bed on deck.
– Price is Rp 4,950,000 per person for a cabin.
Tour Includes
– First day transport on Lombok.
– Full board buffet.
– Embarkation Fee.
– Welcome / Farewell dinner on board.
– Use of canoe, fishing and snorkelling equipment.
Tour Excludes
– Entrance ticket to komodo National Park.
– Snacks and beer.
Ship Information
– A total of 3 cruise ships serve the Lombok to Flores Route.
– The ships have a maximum capacity of 50 passengers per vessel.
– Each ship has 8 Serving crew members.


Day 1
– Pick you up from Senggigi or Mataram.
– Visit Narmada Water Palace.
– Visit traditional Lengkang Nangka.
– Visit Lemor botanical garden.
– Go to the dock and board the ship.
Day 2
– Visit Satonda Island.
– Visit Donggo or Kilo Beach.
Day 3
– Visit Komodo Island.
– Visit Pink beach.
– Go to Labuan Bajo.
Day 4
– Visit Rinca Island.
– Visit Gili Laba.
– Visit Wera for an evening meal.
Day 5
– Visit Moyo Island.
– Explore Labuan Haji village.
– Hike to the waterfall on Moyo Island.
– Visit Keramat Island.
– Return to Lombok.


  • Taking a cruise on a traditional Phinisi Boat through the Indonesian archipelago.
  • Trekking through the Komodo National Park in search of the Komodo Dragon.
  • Snorkelling between schools of tropical fish over colourful coral reefs.
  • Making holiday friendships that could last a lifetime with like minded travellers.

Boat used for Lombok to Flores Tour
Tropical Islands you pass on the cruise
Islands in the Komodo National Park
Trekking in search of theĀ Komodo Dragon

What to Expect

On the first day of the Lombok to Flores Tour you will be picked up from your hotel by the tour operator. During the day you will visit the Narmada Water Palace and Lengkang Nangka Village, before going to the embarkation point. In the evening of the first day the boat will leave port and head across the strait of Sumbawa. As Lombok disappears over the horizon you will be rewarded by a sky full of twinkling stars.

The boat will arrive at Satonda Island shortly before sunrise on the morning of the second day of the tour. This is your first chance to go off the ship. You can spend your morning relaxing on the beaches, swimming and snorkelling offshore and paddling around in a kayak. The boat will lift anchor in the late afternoon and sail overnight towards Flores.

On the third day of the cruise you arrive at the Komodo National Park. After breakfast on board ship you visit Komodo Island. Led by a guide you will take a trek around the island in search of Komodo Dragons. In the afternoon you go to the Pink Beach. There are coral reefs offshore where you can go snorkelling. In the late afternoon the boat will head to the nearby port of Labuan Bajo to resupply.

On the fourth and fifth day of the Lombok to Flores Tour you will visit Rinca Island and the beautiful Gili Laba where you can go snorkelling. You will also visit Moyo Island, which has a beautiful waterfall where you can swim and Keramat Island that is surrounded by colourful coral reefs. The tour ends on the evening of the fifth day when you are dropped off back in Lombok.

The 5 Day 4 Night Lombok to Flores Cruise is a chance to explore the islands of Eastern Indonesia. Over five days you will sail through tropical waters past emerald green islands to the North of Sumbawa and the towering peak of Tambora Volcano. The highlight of the tour is Komodo National Park, a region famous for its diverse underwater ecosystem and the feared Komodo Dragons. To book your tour fill in the form below and we will let you know if we have an opening on your travel date.


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