A few moths ago I travelled to Lombok with my mom and little brother. It was our first family trip since I was a kid (my other brother and dad couldn’t join, but hey maybe all of us can go somewhere together in the future). I haven’t wrote anything about our trip. Maybe I should because I remember I struggled to come up with an itinerary that works well for my mom and my brother (and me, but just lets forget about me since it was their first time to Lombok). So maybe someone out there is also confused about how to make a balanced family holiday (balanced for everyone who is on the trip). I’ll think about it.

Anyway, for now I would like to tell you about the hotel where we stayed in Senggigi, Lombok. This is actually the second time I stayed at this hotel and I feel as happy as the first time I stayed there. There are plenty of hotels in Senggigi, you can read my recommendations here, but Ibludan Lombok is definitely my favourite.

The Room

I still remember what my mom said right after we entered the room in Ibludan. She said: “there is no TV in the room”. At that time I laughed at my mom and said that we don’t need a TV during a holiday, but then I had the second thought … Some people might think that a TV is an important element in a room, so if you are like my mom then this hotel is not for you. PS: I think I stopped watching television 5-6 years ago I guess. It’s a great thing to do.

The room in Ibludan is spacious and simple. It has a big sliding door with glass window and a big curtain for privacy. The room has an en-suite semi outdoor bathroom and a reasonable sized terrace. In the terrace you’ll find two chairs and a dryer. In the room you’ll have a big bed or twin beds (very comfy mattress), a simple cupboard and a small table with a glass bottle of mineral water which you can refill and two glasses. I have huge respect for business owners who try their best to run an environmentally friendly company.

I think there are only 6 or 7 rooms in Ibludan, so I advise you book in advance ?. Sophie, her family and the hotel crew really make you feel like you are at home. They were really friendly and attentive. They also provide you a small cotton tote bag as a souvenir in the room. An extra bag for you just in case you need it so you can reject the plastic bag(s) you are offered in the shops.

The Public Area

Besides the glass bottle initiative and the people, my other favourite part of this hotel is the public area. Just outside your room you’ll see a beautiful garden with a swimming pool in the middle (there is a whirlpool in the corner). Just next to the swimming pool there is an outdoor seating area for breakfast. There are also several bean bags around the pool.

Ibludan also has a small library just in case you haven’t brought anything to read. It is in the corner not far from the pool area. Being in this hotel, especially around their pool makes you feel like you have found an oasis in Lombok. It is homey, green, and just perfect. There are several Ravenala trees and different types of Frangipani trees. I love how lush the garden is.

The Breakfast

Oh no! I should have told you that I also love their breakfast! Sophie is very accommodating. They have their own homemade granola and it was so good. I feel like I should ask if I can buy the granola hahaha (which probably I will do next time I meet her). So for breakfast you’ll have a glass of fresh juice, a coffee or tea, a fruit platter and the main breakfast–either the granola and yogurt, bread butter and jam, or bread with omelette.
I have to mention that their fruit platter is amazing. If you are lucky you might try some exotic fruits that you have not yet tried before such as Rambutan, Manggis (mangosteen), Salak (the snake fruit), and so on. Oh btw, if you ask me what to choose for the main breakfast, I have told you since the beginning of this section… I am a fan of the granola!

Overall thoughts

I have travelled to quite a lot of places in Indonesia and stayed at various hotels and Ibludan Lombok is one of those places that I know was created with love. People at the hotel, especially Sophie, are a huge part of that experience. I remember my first time there I needed to manage a company outing and literary. I had to leave really early and came back to the hotel really late, but I still remember that Sophie was so kind and greeted me every time we passed (even though it was super early in the morning or very late at night).

I will definitely stay at Ibludan Lombok again. Btw, Senggigi is a good base if you are planning to explore the Senggigi area (of course), Mataram, the Gilis (Trawangan, Meno and Air), Gilis in Sekotong area, and the North part of the island.

Have you ever been to Lombok before? What is your favourite thing to do on the island? If you have never been, please check this article for some inspiration of things to do in Lombok.