Hi, I’m Firsta 🙂

So here we go.. Since Indonesia has 17,000-ish islands, I would need 46 years to visit all the islands one by one by myself and would have too much grey hair by the time I finished (one island a day, which I think wouldn’t be enough!). Thus I would like to invite anyone to contribute to this site. If you interested on helping me, give me a shout at [email protected].

For the big picture, you can help me by writing an article in English or in Indonesia (I will translate it, no problem) minimum 800 words and provide (at least) 5 pictures to go with the article. I don’t need big size pictures, just 300-600KB, but it should be sharp/clear pictures (Featured image size: 1440 pixel x 550 pixel. Images in the article size: 800 pixel wide). And you also need to provide a short description of yourself + picture for the contributor section at the end of the article. Don’t get offended if I edit the article a tiny bit, it is for the sake of the readers enjoyment on reading it and match with this blog tone. It has to be original and unique content.

Ok, so whenever you are ready, let me know. Your help would definitely make my day 🙂