Although Tana Toraja is one of the tourist highlights of Sulawesi, the area remains under-developed for tourism. There are only a limited number of hotels in Tana Toraja. To help you find the best hotel to suit your needs, here is a list of eight hotels in Tana Toraja to suit every budget. You can use the links below to jump between the different budget ranges.

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Even if you are normally accustomed to luxury hotels I would go for the mid range options, as there is not a significant difference in the quality of the accommodation. Let’s get started!


Hotel Pison

Hotel Pison is located in Rantepao. It is very quiet and peaceful and offers a number of rooms for different budgets. The rooms are generally clean, but many need maintenance. On the plus side, the owner of Hotel Pison is very friendly and the food is cheap and delicious. This is a good hotel for budget travelers in Rantepao.


Ruraraya Homestay

Ruraraya Homestay has a number of rooms built in the traditional Torajan style, with long curved roofs. The setting is classic Tana Toraja. Each of the rooms offer basic modern comforts with bed, dining table and TV. with hardwood flooring, TV and dining table. The rooms each have a small porch with a seating area where guests can enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside.


Hotel Indra

Hotel Indra is probably the best budget hotel in Rantepao. The hotel is situated in the centre of Rantepao, close to many of the tourist restaurants. Though the facilities are basic, they offer just what you need as a budget traveler. It also has a nice setting with a courtyard. For the price and the location this is a good option for backpackers traveling through Tana Toraja on a budget.


Mid Range

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Luta Resort

For its price and the amenities it offers, Luta Resort is probably the best hotel in Tana Toraja. The hotel is located in the centre of Rantepao and there are a number of good restaurants on the same street. The hotel is built around a small central courtyard and there is a small pool out the back. The rooms are all well furnished and comfortable.


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Sahid Toraja Hotel

Sahid Toraja Hotel is located on the outskirts of Rantepao. The buildings in the hotel complex are built in the traditional Torajan style. The rooms are spacious, and since the last renovation the decoration is tasteful. The hotel has a restaurant that serves international food and there is also a gym and tennis courts where you can exercise.



Toraja Misiliana Hotel

Toraja Misiliana Hotel is located on the outskirts of Rantepao. The hotel is more like a resort, with guests accommodated in cabins that are built in the traditional Torajan style. The rooms are sparsely, but tastefully, decorated. There is an onsite restaurant where you can order food, a swimming pool and a fitness center. The highlight of the hotel is the friendly and accomodating staff.


Toraja Heritage Hotel

The Toraja Heritage Hotel is located outside of Rantepao on a hill overlooking the town. The hotel has both normal rooms and cabins, which are all built in the traditional Torajan style with the curved roofs. With views of the mountains, an outdoor pool and a good restaurant, the Toraja Heritage Hotel is a nice choice for people who want to be a little outside of the city.


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Hotel Marante Tana Toraja

The Marante Hotel in Tana Toraja is conveniently located near the centre of town. The hotel has nice rooms that are simply and tastefully decorated. It has all of the amenities that you would expect from a luxury hotel, including a huge restaurant, large swimming pool and big rooms. While the service is good, the hotel is overpriced and there are better value offers available in Rantepao.